Thursday, January 10, 2008

30 minutes I'll never get back

Okay so here is the moment of truth blogging friends.

Be honest now!

Have you ever purchased anything off of QVC or the Home Shopping Network?

Me...honestly no I have not. Although last night I was oh so tempted. I was folding laundry late last night and flipping around the channels and saw scrapbooking clicked on it and it turned out to be on the HSN.

Oh my word! This show will suck you in. They probably could have talked me into buying a truck load of someone's smelly garbage. These people have some serious skills y'all. I was sitting there transformed by this grommet and eyelet tool going I have to have this...think of all the things I could do with this amazing tool.
And then watching the numbers soar as this thing was selling like crazy. Proof that I am not the only one watching at 1 am. Sort of makes me worried cause with a credit card you could do some damage with this channel.

Finally I snapped out of this shopping coma and was so ticked at myself for wasting 30 minutes watching this. So I'm curious spill your HSN stories.


Jessica said...

Oh honey.. I would love to have that tool! An eyelet setter, hole punch, and a long reach punch!!! Stopeth the beating of my heart! I once spent like $50 from an infomercial on 80's CD's from Time Life people. I don' regret it though.. Pretty sad! : )

mandy said...

i feel your pain and temptation. we only have about 25 cable channels, and, for some disturbing reason, about for of those channels are home shopping channels!

its ridiculous!!!! but they make me want to buy what they are selling....

Heather said...

I've never bought anything but my in-loves have and my aunt susan does all the time!

This scrapbooking tool looks so fun. But I'm so behind my hubby would not let me buy one more thing until I use what I have! Oh I'm behind and it is embarrasing! The boys books are not even close to being done or started ... YIKES

Left something for you on my blog!

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Yes, I have ordered something off air mattress. I'm a nerd.

Erin said...

ok, so don't tell anyone... but I've always loved watching qvc and infomercials. but I've never bought anything!
as a kid, I remember watching all those commercials for stupid products and thinking "I can't wait til I'm '18 or older' so I can call and order that!" ha!

Tam said...

I have not, but one year, I kid you not, we had a Home Shopping Network Christmas compliments of my mother in law. I got socks with floor grips. Travel bag with velcro pockets. A shower cap that resists odor. And this year I got that egg thing that you rub on your heels to take the rough skin off. Yup, all the ladies in the family got one! She got a better deal if she bought 4 or more! Mmmmm, it's great to be me!!!