Thursday, January 3, 2008

Every Puggy Dance Now!

Blogging world we have heat! Praise the Lord. Would you even believe with all this complaining that I actually lived in Chicago and that boy lived once in Wyoming? My word...I do not believe we would survive a day up there anymore.

Tuesday night I pulled out my tundra survival skills and slept in sweats, my robe, and those self heating hand warmers. Boy rolled over in the night to remind me of a past conversation in Cabela's.

"You should have picked up some Long John's like I suggested".

"Yes, baby you are right. I should have picked up a pair."

I do believe in fell asleep with joy warming up his heart know he was right.

Oh and looky looky. My Christmas present was a new camera.

"Hey dad let's dance!"

Eat your heart out Dancing with the Stars!
**UPDATE: sorry boy got shy about his gorgeous head of red hair posted, so I went back and cropped it out. he was complaining how horrible he looked. my word!!


♥PugPosse♥ said...

Clap,clap,clap what a great dancer you are! I know living up in the north is COLD as I write this it is -7 below zero! do you have a electric blanket?

Anonymous said...

I'm glad your heat is back on!! Yay a pic of your hubby...does that mean we will get to see a picture of you too! I'm sure your beautiful! Come on you have seen me...LOL! J/K!!! By the way I love Cabelas I haven't been to the one closest to us yet!

Kelly said...

Cute pug!
Yeay for heat!!!!

Erin said...

Woo hoo for new cameras! That's such an exciting Christmas present! And I love your dancing pug. My pug loves to dance too.

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Adorable! Ava wants to know if Pug will come play!

Tam said...

I'm glad to see that even boys can be persnickety about their looks and photos!

Pug is a great dancer!

We don't have central air or heat in our house. So in the winter we use space heaters. I'm in bed right now, still sick, my sweats on, fuzzy socks, hoody, blanket, warm laptop on my lap and personal space heater sending its heat waves my way! Ahhhh!!!