Tuesday, January 1, 2008

One cold pug

Happy 2008 blogging friends...and Happy 100th post to me!

I have to be honest and say that I'm rather shocked with myself. Usually I have a hard time sticking with things....um like that gym membership that seemed like a brilliant idea after eating a plate of chicken fried rice.

And we here at a boy, a girl and a pug really know how to start out the year with a bang...example the blower on our heater is out.


It really went out yesterday and boy spent a greater part of the day up in the attic pretending to know what he was doing and finally by the time he gave up the heater man (their official position title) had gone home. So today boy called around and low and behold someone came out and announced that our blower was out.

While he fumbled around in the attic I had my checkbook out ready for the gasping number. I was sure that since we pulled this man away from some game on t.v. he'd rack up the price even more.

Once he came down and said the blower was out, it was like okay can you fix it.

"Nope got to get the part...be back tomorrow"


So I type this to you with a few coats and a pair of ear muffs on. I'm just praying that it's still under warranty.

So toodles from Antartica!


Heather said...

Sending warm thoughts your way! I can bottle some of our heat and send it to you if you like :)

Happy 100th post! Oh and I linked to you on my blog a while back. I forgot to mention it. I can take it off if you would rather it not be there :)

Erin said...

happy 100th post! Isn't it exciting? I had my 100th post a couple weeks ago, and it kind of blows my mind. Who woulda thought we'd stick to it. And I still always find myself thiking "this blogging thing is so weird! becuase I don't know you... and I'm talking to you!"
Gotta love the blog world. Happy New Year! and once again, happy 100th!

Kari & Kijsa said...

Happy cold and chilly 100th post! You write fabulously well wearing mittens !!Teehee- loved this!!!
Here is to a fabulous, fun, prosperous, safe and healthy (and hopefully soon warm) New Year!! **clink**

kari & kijsa

Kelly said...

Oh so sorry - I hope wherever you are isn't as cold as it is here!
And I hope it's MUCH cheaper than you expect!

Jessica said...

Happy 100th post! Happy New Year!

Suzi said...

Oh no and it's so cold out!!! Poor thing! Hope you have a fireplace!

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Good thing pug has a layer of blubber to keep him warm!

We've been babysitting my niece pug, Lola, this week and she is my personal heater at night in bed. She is so good at cuddling.