Wednesday, June 26, 2013

the perks

These weeks are just flying by and every time I think of something to blog about of any utter importance something gets in the way.  Like the 100 degree heat that is literally going to be the end of me, or fueling off questions from random strangers going "are you expecting a baby?" (what gave it away) or coming to terms with the fact that Chick-fil-a no longer offers croutons with their salads.  What is the world coming to?  This one left me in a depression for a few seconds until I told the cashier "ok cancel the salad I'll have a cookie instead". 

A totally even caloric trade.

Speaking of food I am definintly going to miss those pregnancy splurges.  I'm also lactose intolerant, and therefore my digestive system hates me, but there is some phenomenon in pregnancy where it can somewhat ease up on you.  It's the craziest thing and I had people tell me that before I got pregnant, but didn't believe it.  Now I haven't taken advantage of it and splurged on a cheese pizza or mac and cheese (oh how I wish), but I've found I can tolerate a few things I couldn't like a buttery croissant, not having to request no cheese on a salad or even a piece of string cheese and be good.  I'm so going to miss this.  Anyone have this happen in their pregnancy?

Also, this week I realized how much I'm going to miss this.

This pregnancy perk will be dearly missed.  I think every store should do just one spot to help a waddler out in the heat.


Aubs said...

You are too funny!! I've never heard about the lactose intolerance getting better w/ pregnancy but that's really cool!! You're almost there!!!!

Did you watch Big Brother last night?!!!!

Rebecca Jo said...

I think they need parking spots next to those that are for "People who don't want to walk" ... that'd be me :)