Wednesday, June 19, 2013

{33 weeks}

How far along?  33 weeks
Weight gain: about 25 total
Maternity Clothes?  yes ma'am.  well i take that back...the dress in the photo is a non-maternity piece.  and you know what's fun?  trying on your pre-pregnancy bikini and then having a meltdown in the closet. 
Stretch marks?  a few...very worth it though.
Sleep?  pretty good this week. i'm up every hour though to pee.
Best moment of the week?  his constant movement.  best feeling ever.
Food cravings?  chick-fil-a sandwich and m&m's
Symptoms?  braxton hicks
Gender?  baby boy named declan!
 What I'm looking forward to? washing loads of baby clothes.  they are so tiny!!


Payton's mom said...

You look great, I'm glad you have been enjoying your pregnancy!

Rebecca Jo said...

that's exactly why I NEVER try on a bikini... or even own one to try one :)

Speaking of no bikini's - give me some of those M&M's :)

You look adorable!

Aubs said...'re SO cute!!! You look amazing! I love that you are looking forward to washing his little clothes ~ I used to LOVE folding them and organizing them!!