Wednesday, July 3, 2013

{35 weeks}

"enough with the selfies...get us some food woman"

 How far along?  35 weeks headed into 36 today!
Weight gain: i quit looking.
Maternity Clothes?  yep pretty much living off gap/old navy maternity tanks
Stretch marks?  a few...very worth it though.
Sleep?  what's that?  up at least every hour.
Best moment of the week?  we've headed to weekly appointments now which is so crazy how fast this last month has come. 
Food cravings?  still chick-fil-a sandwich or nuggets if i'm feeling adventurous
Symptoms?  my sinuses have had me beat all week stealing any energy i can muster up.  lots of braxton hicks, but not consistent enough.  i'm also convinced everyday that i might be in labor, so it's going to be a long month for boy!
Gender?  baby boy named declan!
 What I'm looking forward to? being in major countdown mode...can't wait to meet dec!  so hoping i can finish up his nursery this week...waiting on a few things to arrive.  also we have a sonogram first part of next week so i'm anxious to see if we have any movement on the breech front (fingers crossed he's flipped). 
Also, this came today and freaked hubs out (funniest thing ever)! 

 Anyone have any experience using the snot sucker?  Everyone has told me it's the best and a must have.  It just looks like I might be doing this solo with boy hiding in the other room.


Page Cole said...

We have the nosefrieda! i was freaked out by it at first but then catherine got a cold and i had to get it. it is impressive, however, it's weird to think that i'm sucking in air that was up her nose. you know? and i would swear that after i do it i always get a sore throat. oh, well. the things you do to make your kids content ;)

Aubs said...

ha...when i finally actually went into labor my hubby kinda sighed, tried not to roll his eyes and started timing contractions! lol!! I was convinced daily that "this just had to be the real deal!"

i haven't been able to bring myself to use that snot sucker thing but i have several friends who have and they swear by it!!