Tuesday, April 16, 2013

we might just stay at home for his first year

We found a quick way to humble any intelligence we thought we had.

Just try and install an infant carseat.

Apparently, you need a doctorate for this.  And before you even get it to your car you've got to pick one out, which is an event all on it's own.  Have you seen how many infant car seats there are out there?  Like a gazillion.  I started researching these right away, because heaven forbid we invest in the wrong one and are kid spends the rest of his life in therapy because we didn't get the right carseat with the right fabric with the most comfortable incline.  No pressure.

I found it's almost easier to just order one online because Babies"R"Us carries a few in store there, then BuyBuyBaby has there own line and I was just too tired for that.  Free shipping was calling my name.  So I figured we'd narrow down the list, order one, try it out, and send it back if we didn't like it with the free returns.  Brilliant.

So I ordered our top pick and once it came I handed it over to boy (he has more patience than me) and told him to figure it out and then come get me and give me the demo.  When I looked over and saw him sitting on the ground flipping through the textbook of a manual I figured we might be in trouble.  Once he figured it out I got my carseat lesson 101, which after he explained aligning just the base my head started to spin and then when we got to the section on adjusting the height on the back as he grows I burst into tears and announced what a terrible mother I'm going to make.

In the end I know it will be second nature eventually.  We really like the safety features of it and how lightweight it is so we decided to keep it.

Thankfully, we made that decision before pug marked his spot on the empty box.  Let the jealousy begin.


Rebecca Jo said...

pug wanted to feel a part of the process :)

When the grandbabies are up, I never touch the seats... they are confusing to me too. I put one in my car one time when I had my twin nieces... we turned on the express way & it TUMPED OVER!!!! She was like 7 months old. Her sister was just staring at her... she was crying... I was laughing till I had tears. I had to find an exit & fix it... I still laugh about it. (I'm such a great aunt) :)

Daisy said...

Nothing like a baby product to humble you, haha. We still haven't installed ours (yikes)! Can't wait to not have to figure that out. Thank God for husbands :)

Erin Ward said...

I always get really stressed out when I have to figure out my nieces' carseats...!

Payton's mom said...

Haha! And don't feel bad, Donald has peed on a delivery before too.