Tuesday, April 9, 2013


After going 28 days without internet or cable, not that anyone was counting (oh wait I was), the cable man finally showed up at my door and reunited us with the technology world Friday.  I could have hugged him when I answered that door.  I might have even shed a tear or two when he got that phone line working.  Apparently, the combination of small town living and new construction doesn't bode well for the cable companies.  But after my own little weekend marathon with Bravo, all is well and we will now refer to March 2013 as  "The Month We Somehow Survived Without TV".

Speaking of March if you've read my blog for long you know that this is our very favorite time of the year with March Madness and cheering on our Jayhawks.  I'm sad we missed so much of it.  Next year we will be extra ready and have a new little fan here to help cheer them on.  This kid's accumulating quite a loot of KU gear already (actually before we even found out he was a boy...I would have had to round up loads of matching bows to girlie these up if he wasn't) ha!

I hope everyone had a beautiful Easter.  It's my absolute favorite and we were blessed with family, good food and beautiful weather.  My mom had a very talented friend of hers make these swaddle blankets for Declan for our Easter basket.  How perfect are they?  I absolutely love them. 

Also in my basket was an abundance of Dove Dark Chocolate and Peeps.  I love me some Peeps, but my favorite is to open up the package and let them stale out for a day or two.  Adds a little crunch to it.  How weird is that?  They are just so much better that way and sadly, that's not a pregnancy thing.

So happy to get to catch up on everyone's happening...if you still read despite my random disappearances y'all are the best.  Have a great Tuesday!


Aubs said...

woo hoo!!! welcome back!!! =)

Rebecca Jo said...

Those blanets are PERFECTION!!!!!

My mom does the same thing with peeps... peeps just gross me out anyways so I think its all weird :)

Erin said...

Congrats on the upcoming baby!! I dropped out of the blogging world for a while... :) Glad to see that happy news when I hopped back on here!