Wednesday, April 17, 2013

do you juice?

Boy has been wanting to get a juicer for awhile.  I've been the one that's holding out for a few reasons:

1.  Will we actually use it more than once?
2.   My phobia of small kitchen appliance clutter (reason the quesadilla maker & cotton candy machine had to go)
3.   Will it taste narly? (yes I use the word narly on a daily basis)

I'd say #3 is standing pretty much in my way.  For the past few years I've consistently had in our fridge a stock of V8 fusion! I love it and we go through a ton of my favorite peach mango flavor.   But anytime I go on pinterest I keep seeing loads of pins for juicing recipes that look really good and I'm thinking more fruits and veggies in our diets can't hurt.  So I'm curious, do you juice?  And if you do, do you have a juicer you'd recommend or a recipe to start with for a picky eater like myself?

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Rebecca Jo said...

I love my juicer! Totally recommend it.

Look for one with less parts. Mine isnt horrible to clean, but the filter basket is a booger to clean. Other then that, its awesome. We use ours daily in the spring/summer. Fresh fruit juices - over crushed ice? YUM!!!!
So much better then the juices on the market full of sugar.

Any specific questions about it - ask - I'm all about my juicer

Aubs said...

i don't personally juice but several friends of mine do and they love it! we've been considering getting a juicer and this is the one we've been thiking about...
Shay over at Mix and Match Mama recommended it and i love the idea of a compact juicer and she says its easy to clean too!! =)