Thursday, October 11, 2012

Shop Till I Drop

Because of my super awesome organizational skills I mistook an appointment I had today for 11:00 instead of 1:00.  At least I was early.  Since it wasn't close to the house I took this gift of time and did something I haven't done in years.

I went to the mall across the street.

Like a real honest to goodness escalators and Sbarro's filled mall.

It's sadly been awhile.  Like to the point where I walked in and gasped at the sight of The Limited store front and felt the need to call someone and ask if they could believe they were still around.  My wardrobe lived for The Limited Too and The Limited in the 90's.  Good times.

I do believe that my lack of mall trips have been due to the invention of the internet.  Why dodge mall surveyors when you can get the Gap shipped to your front door?  It's been an easy and unregrettable decision.

Ultimately, I spent a good amount of time in Forever 21 in search of a new chambray top, because the one I bought at Target fits weird and makes me look like I'm headed to an art class.  Right away I began noticing a rather large section of leopard print.  More specifically leopard skinny jeans in various colors.  Although I am a huge fan of all things leopard print, I just could not fathom actually wearing them or where one would even wear them or what's the age limit on the leopard print pants and if there's not a rule maybe we need to make one.  Too much thought so I moved on.

Sadly, no chambray on the shelves, but lots of other cute stuff especially in the Love 21 section.  And in those 2 hours I had to kill at the mall truly wore me out.  I realized the best part of shopping online is the lack of work you actually have to do. 

But then there's that Orange Julius stand that sort of makes up for the whole outing doesn't it?

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Marsha said...

just a bit of info... especially if your a GAP shopper by mail... they have a great little boyfriend chambray shirt that is brand new and we just got for my daughter... it's a staple and she's gotten lots of compliments. With there on-line discounts, who can pass it up!