Wednesday, October 17, 2012

blog reminiscing

This month is just flying by.  I feel like I'm behind on everything.  And when I say everything, most importantly, this season's episodes of Parenthood and Revenge.  I made the mistake of relying solely on my cable company to come through and put them on their on demand program so I could curl up in bed and watch them per my nightly routine, but they have failed me.  The audacity of their generosity.  Which led to a call to the cable company today and me trying to fix it.

Automated Voice:  "Please state your technical issue in your own sentence"

Me: "Help!! I'm 3 weeks behind on Parenthood and haven't even started Revenge"

AV: "I'm sorry I do not understand.  Please state your problem again"


AV: "I'm sorry I do not understand.  Please hold for a representative"

Long conversation short the rep kindly pretended to care about my mini dilemma, and after numerous attempts to fix appears the cable box must be replaced.  So fingers crossed I get reunited with the Braverman's soon and can start Nashville too.  You know because I need another drama in my life.

Anyway, with me being behind and all I found a post I started awhile back about blogging and it just never got posted.  I had been thinking about how this year marks 5 years of my blogging.  Crazy how fast the time goes.  And I was thinking about some of the first blogs I read and the ones that inspired me to start my own. 

I know Big Mama and BooMama were one of the first and oh how I wish I could remember how I even discovered them.  And from there I branched out and started commenting on others and that started some amazing blog friendships.  Sadly, as I look back on my blogroll it seems so many that I started out reading have moved on and no longer blog.  Thankfully, you stumble into new ones along the way in this big ole' blog world.   The best part of this 5 years of blogging is thinking about the first blogs you followed and when you started following them they may have had only 1 kiddo and now has 3 or they were single and are now married.  So much fun to get to ride along on every blogger's journey. 

So, I'm curious to know do you remember the blog or bloggers that inspired you to create your own spot in the blog world?  Or maybe some of your first blog friends?


Rebecca Jo said...

It is fun to remember some of my old blog friends... sad that some dont blog anymore. You feel like you know these people & then POOF, they're gone :(

But I really am still in bloggy friendships with a few people - love that.

& I just tweeted the other day - I had about 10 women that were all infertile & as of this past month - they all have had babies and/or pregnant - that's so cool!

FYI - Nashville is on Hulu :)

Lauren said...

Get reunited with the Bravermans STAT girl!!!!!!!!!!!! And I'm sure you've missed the Hamptons, and oh my...... Nashville is GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thankful I met you in this blog world! :)

Lia Joy said...

Be sure you have tissues handy when you catch up on Parenthood. Oh man, the tears!

Aubs said...

okay ~ first i have to say how much i LOVE your love for tv! i totally relate!! =)

I do actually remember the blog that really inspired me to start!

And I really love the blog friendships i've made along the way, even though i haven't been consistent with my blogging! I have so many friends who don't blog and they just don't get it ~ the friendships are just neat and unique and special!

happy 5 year anniversary!!

Carole said...

5 years of blogging! Wow! I am doing a big catch up today because I was away for a few days. Hope you are having a good week.

PS Thank you very much for following Carole's Chatter - which is now about a week away from reaching its first birthday.