Friday, October 5, 2012

friday randomness

1.  I've really been loving watching the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders: Making the Team each Friday night.  This show really needs a warning though, "you're to old for this" at the beginning of each episode.  For some reason it's caused some unwelcome confidence in my own flexibility and kick technique.  I told boy if I run out and buy white cowboy boots he has my permission for a kick line intervention.

2.  I've been meaning to give a nubbin update on pug.  You can read all about his utter here.  When I took him to the vet last month she looked at it and said, what I thought, no cause for concern just if I see it growing or him scratching at it then call.  Well what about if he starts sprouting out another one?  I just noticed this today so a call to the vet will be in order first thing monday for two nubbin-ectomies (thanks Lia).

3. Speaking of trips to the vet when I took them in and they weighed them out in the waiting room they both came in at exactly the same weight.  I was like there is no way that's correct... pug always seems so much heavier than Landry.  So we weighed them again and sure enough the same weight popped up.  A lady in the waiting room says to me "it's because he's black".  I'm like excuse me, thinking could your comment couldn't be anymore racist and inappropriate.  She goes on to say it's because he's wearing black, everyone looks slimmer in black.  Speechless I tell you.  Remind me to tell you the ebony and ivory story from a recent trip to the pet store sometime.

4. I'm not going to get my hopes up too high, but I think we may be able to start busting out the long sleeved shirts this weekend.  I so hope we can get a few good weeks in of having the windows open...the a/c needs a break.

5. I felt like there was a number 5 here, but I'm getting sleepy and my hamstrings are killing me so we're just going to have to roll with 4 bits of randomness today.

Have a great fall weekend!


Aubs said...

your friday randomness posts are so fun!! long sleeve shirts and giving the a/c a break sound delightful to me! =)

Lia Joy said...

Hahaha! LOVE this! Poor pug and his nubbin-ectomy!

A Day in the Life of Pugs said...

Who knows ... maybe there is some truth to it!?!

My Webster (black male) is our biggest but actually he weighs the same as Peyton (fawn male).

Payton's mom said...

Two nubbins for pug? Hope his procedure went well.