Tuesday, August 7, 2012

pug's nubbin

 I'm going to take a moment and embarrass pug.

Oh, and make a "Friends" reference because I do believe it is my civic duty to try and reference as many situations to a Friends episode and then share them with you.

You're welcome.

A few weeks ago I noticed something on Pug's belly.  I wrestled him down to get a closer look a noticed what appeared to be a small skin tag.

And what seemed like just overnight that sucker has gotten longer.  We've crossed over from skin tag to full on nubbin.

Beware I've got a picture to show you.

Now I've googled this and apparently it's pretty common, not to get too concerned unless they start scratching at it, but I will bring it up at his annual check up later this month.  I love that in my research findings I found repeated warnings not to cut if off with scissors.

Who's cutting off their dog's nubbins?  That's terrible.

It took many a treat to get this picture.

So, that's the latest with pug and his nubbin.



Maggie said...

1. I love the new design

2. Poor pug and his nubbin.

3. Chandler would be proud :)

Page Cole said...

Winston has two nubbins. They are on the top of his front paw (so embarassing!) And I instantly thought of Friends when I saw the title of your post...I guess I've watched it one too many times ;)

Payton's mom said...

Oh my! I am laughing so hard. But pug looks great, nubbin and all! Payton had one of those on her tail. Should be nothing to be concerned about.

Rebecca Jo said...


i cant even say anything else


Lia Joy said...

Ahh! Friends references make me proud. Is pug going to have a nubbinectomy? I just hope it's not the source of all his power! :)

Kitty+Coco said...

Well some-pug will be bragging at the dog park....haha.

We will be interested to hear whether said nubbin will stay or be removed by the doc.


James said...

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