Thursday, August 9, 2012

peach fuzz (and not the good kind)

Okay, so first I totally have to say I promise this is not going in review blog extravaganza blog direction.  Not that their is anything wrong with it, just never been my intention here.  I'll be back tomorrow with our regularly scheduled pug programming.

A few weeks ago I received any e-mail seeing if I'd be interested in participating on reviewing a Proctor and Gamble item that I loved to kick off their new website P&G eStore.  I saw one of my new favorite must haves on the list and was like "absolutely" because  I took a leap of faith on this and feel it's worth every stinking penny.  Full disclosure P&G didn't send me a freebie to review (I buy this with my own moolah), I'm not receiving payment for this review, but if you click on the P&G link on my blog and make a purchase I do get a small commission.

So, not this past birthday, but the birthday before that I asked for a certain infomercial product that without giving it away is the opposite of a "YES!YES!".  You catch me.  That's a sad birthday gift to ask for by the way.  What age to you go from My Little Pony to Facial Hair removal system?  I blame my bad blonde five o'clock shadow on bad genes.

I got it and had extremely high hopes for it.  I think I even mentioned I got one and would update my hairless success on this blog.  To make a long story short I gave it a month sitting in an empty bathtub basically with a stinging laser pointer on my chin, whined about it what a piece of junk it was, called mom, mom said "you asked for it", and then shipped it back.

Then I saw a few months later saw an ad for the new Olay Smooth Finish Facial Hair Removal Duo Kit and on a whim picked it up.  I really thought this would be money down the drain.  I also feared, because I have extremely sensitive skin, it might feel like my chin was on fire when I used it.  Totally and pleasantly surprised when it didn't irritate my skin and actually did the job.  I could have cried tears of joy down my baby smooth chin.  So, I've added it to my routine using it when I need it.  I truly believe this is an awesome must have product that if it only came out years ago could have saved me a lot of money on wasted gadgets and painful waxing.

Olay Smooth Finish Facial Hair Removal Duo Kit

You can pick it up at your store or order from P&G and have it shipped to your door.
~Get 10% off your P&G order thru August 31, 2012
~Free shipping on orders over $25
~They carry tons of brands and have lots of great Olympic-themed bundles and deals right now

I won't mention that one time I swear I had a chin hair grow an inch by dinner time.  

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