Friday, June 29, 2012

boy visits ikea

I dragged boy with me to Ikea the other day for the first time.

He wasn't really that wowed until we got to the check out line and bought a 6 pack of cinnamon rolls for $4.

That was a deal he was impressed with.

Our nearest Ikea isn't super close and to top it off you have to get on the tollway.  Which about a month after your trip to Ikea, to buy a $2 colander, doesn't seem like such a good idea when the toll bill shows up in your mailbox for $6.

So, I don't head that way very often.  We just happened to be in the area of Ikea the other night and with only an hour and a half before it closed I convinced boy to make a quick stop.

It's very difficult to make a quick trip because the 320 sq ft. of super organized- all five rooms into one always lures me in and before I know it I'm saying things like "we could totally live in this" and "the pugs totally wouldn't mind sleeping on a lacquered shelf of our one bookcase".

I love Ikea.

I've kind of had a mental list going, all of items I can't pronounce by the way, that I wanted to pick up.  I'd really like to do a light tan slipcover on our ektorp chaise sofa in the gameroom and I love their towels and sheets.  But of course with my luck, I must have just missed a huge sale because they were out of everything.  I wanted to curl up on one of those ridiculous cute toddler sized beds and cry.

Dear Ikea, can you pretty please start selling everything online?

Of course I can't complete an Ikea trip with out buying the pugs a $.99 stuffed animal and boy spoke volumes of the cinnamon rolls so it was a stop well worth it.

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Marsha said...

Ikea is my new favorite place to shop for furnishings.... but it's a 3-hour drive and when you get home and a piece is broken, you must go back... but they're easily to deal with and refunded some $$ because the items were now on sale... and introduced me to the inspection area, which we'll be using in the future... LOVE that place and all the little goodies :)