Thursday, June 14, 2012

here fishy fishy

I ordered myself one of those snazzy fisheye lenses that hooks to your iPhone thinking it might be fun.

I was right it's super fun and super addicting.  To the geniuses that invented these, can I give you a hug? 

It's also fun chasing around pugs, who happen to be rocking their own fisheye look with those big buggy eyes.  

Doesn't pug look so annoyed with me?

I ordered mine from here from Photojojo for 25 bucks.  They have some of the coolest camera gadgets. Now I'm just really bummed I didn't order the macro and telephoto too.


Rebecca Jo said...

I love all things camera/photo :)

Deborah W. said...

I love going downtown to the WaterGardens. Love the fisheye!

Paula said...

Ahhh I want one TOO! :)