Monday, February 20, 2012

tivo confessions

I'm treating myself to a little break from my Operation Organization 2012.  Also, known as Operation Organization 2011, 2010, and 2009.  What can I say...I get distracted easily.  I'd like to say I'm pretty organized, maybe from the outside, but when you dig a little deeper into those closets...not so much.  So I've spent the good part of the morning sorting through drawers and boxes asking myself if I really need to keep my collection of "Jock Jam" CD's wondering if these so called jams, that were the soundtrack to my high school years, are worth downloading to the iPod?  Do I even risk the humiliation of such a playlist?  So as you can see this organizing business is very exhausting.

But on a brighter note, I am thrilled that the good ole' Tivo has some work cut out for him with so many new tv shows starting back up.  So let's talk tv shows were loving, the ones we're excited are starting back up, and maybe even the ones that need to say goodbye.

1. Celebrity Apprentice- sadly, I haven't watched this premiere yet, but I'm ever so excited to watch it.  This one always sucks me in.  I can't resist the board room drama.

2. Bethenny Ever After- oh so excited...she cracks me up!

3. Shark Tank- hubs and I actually just got into this one, mainly because it's on right before Dateline, but are really addicted.  So, were spending some time catching up on past episodes.

4. Tabitha Takes Over- oh bravo, I am so addicted to you.  I love a good makeover show though!

5. Teen Mom 2- I have to add this one in that I'm glad this season has ended.  I watch the show because I so desperately want to see these girls succeed and make good choices for themselves and their kid.  This season was just really hard to watch emotionally.  I'm just really rooting for them all.

6.  An Idiot Abroad: the bucket list- oh how Karl cracks us up.  If you haven't seen it it's on the Science channel and we were so excited that it came back for a 2nd season.  Anyone else watching this?

7. The Office- oh this is so painful to watch.  It makes me so sad because I have absolutely adored this show for so many years.  So many Michael Scott laughs, but seriously someone needs to cut the cord and let it go.  

I'm sure I'm missing a few.  I'm hoping to rent Downtown Abby soon and get hooked on that I'm sure.  What's on your DVR or Tivo up to these days?


flip flops on lex said...

Good call on Downton Abbey. You should check out Smash. I'm enjoying it so far.

Kristin said...

LOVE Downton Abbey!! I'm so sad it's over for the season now :(

Revenge is our top choice these that intense drama!

Celebrity Apprentice gets me every time too. Love it! I'm also stuck on Survivor again.

Rebecca Jo said...

Celebrity Apprentice premiere was GREAT!!! Adam Corola & Arsenio Hall? They're gonna make the show awesome!

The Office... its just not the same, is it? :(

tessie said...

I LOVE KARL!!! I get such a kick out of his reactions to all that Ricky Gervais has in store for him. Best show! ~ The Amazing Race is usually great, too. Traveling for a vacation is tiring enough-to race and have contests along the way is such a strain on all the relationships-it is fun to see couples who really work well together. ~ i don't remember how I stumbled upon your blog, but I have been enjoying it for about 8 months now! (I have a Westie and a Ragdoll cat)

Payton said...

My mom has had the same idea to get organized for a few years now but keeps shutting the drawers and doors just like you! Hehee! Cuddling with ilus pugs and watching TV is better anyway, right?

Elizabeth and Kyle @ Love Is the Adventure said...

Teen Mom makes me cry so hard. Lol. My husband makes a lot of fun of me.

Let's see...lately, I'm watching Smash, The Voice (omg, I am so addicted), and New Girl (she is so adorable!).

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