Wednesday, January 18, 2012

a whole lot of worthless nothingness

1. i miss wikipedia today.  i miss googling random stuff that "i just have to know at that exact moment about or i would explode".

2. speaking of the internet, i shouldn't have to google "why does my pug's gas smell like a skunk?"  i was cleaning the bathroom and he walked in, tooted, then left me for dead.  it was the worst moment of my life.

3. my doorbell rang, and normally i don't answer, but i thought it was the ups man since he comes around that time.  i opened the door to find a lady selling something.  i thought bummer.  then she asked if my parents were home.  i said no.  best excuse while technically not lying.  awesome.  i also stopped feeling so old at that moment.

4. after finding out i was lactose intolerant forever ago, i just avoided some foods (like mashed potatoes) instead of trying to find subsitutes.  but now i'm really branching out and redoing my old favorite recipes and am loving it.  if only i could get back that mac and cheese.

5. i have a confession...i really don't like watching awards shows.  i like a recap of them with the winners and dresses, but they are seriously long y'all.  it's also very frustrating when the movie no one has ever heard of wins over the good stuff.  but, i'm no critic, says the lady that watches lifetime movies.

that is all for today my friends...happy wednesday!


Payton said...

My mom says that she wouldn't survive if she couldn't enjoy milk, and also says my toots leave her for dead all the time. I plead the 5th!

Renna said...

I cracked up at the comment about your dog's flatulence leaving you for dead. ;-)

I'm the same way about awards shows. I really don't even care that much who wins what, I just like seeing the glamour & the glitz. After shows about that are way better.

Rebecca Jo said...

I'm the same way with award shows... the first awards & the last awards are the only ones that matter. Why bother with the ones no one cares about? If I did an award show - it would last an hour.

I'd hug someone if they asked if my parents were home :)

Bailey@Lost&Found said...

1. My horse always farts when I pick his back hooves. So rude! And soooo smelly!
2. Have you ever tried soy milk? My fiance is lactose intolerant, so we gave up dairy a long time ago. Soy milk is pretty good! And definitely works in mac n cheese!
3. I can never watch the full award shows either- too long! I do love looking (and judging) all the fashions though!

Hope you have a great day!!


Christi Lynn said...

oh number 2 made me laugh so hard! but it shouldn't. wow i'm immature haha