Thursday, January 19, 2012

the groomers

today i took the pugs to the puppy spa to get their nails trimmed...

and then i had them drop me off at the looney bin on the way home.

pug just will not have anyone or anything touching his paws.  you'd think after 6 years of doing this same song and dance he'd learn that it only takes a few minutes, they had him a yummy treat and we're outta there.


i'm running out of ways to disguise my voice when i call and make an appointment.  i know they have to be thinking "oh no the blonde with the crazy pug is on her way".  so bless those sweet spa owners who take us in.  they are so patient with him as they wrangle him and he's screaming away being a major drama king.

although i do think he had some people in the waiting room convinced he was actually just acting out a scene from the musical Cats.

and thankfully landry is just to scared of everything to make a fuss.  he politely sits there and patiently lets the lady trim his nails.  could my dogs be anymore opposite?

at that moment with a line of people standing behind me gawking at the scene of a woman wrestling a pug and the pug winning i really want to avoid the whole dog owner judgement look and be like "man, whose's horribly behaved pug is that?" and beeline it out of there.

but i don't, i take both my sweet and crazy boys, toss a hefty tip to the groomers and proceed to the car where we all pant in exhaustion.

until the next time.


Payton said...

I'm like pug so mom and dad clip my nails at home. The experience would be all too traumatic for both of us if we ever went anywhere to have my feet messed with.

Maggie said...

You are better than me! I need to be dropped at the looney bin because I am so worried about what taking one of our dogs to the groomer would do. She's such a chicken, I'm sure she'd be traumatized for life.

I just can't handle it.

But she needs her nails trimmed like whoa!

p.s. I wouldn't have judged you. Dogs can be a bit theatrical sometimes :)

pugsx4 said...

We have a couple of pugs whose nails grow very fast so we had to take matters into our own hands. We use a dremel tool. Hubby's holds them sitting on a chair and I sit opposite them and take a nail at a time. I have to warn you, I tape up my thumb nails first so I don't grind the heck out of my nails.