Monday, January 9, 2012

the one where we discuss jeans

i need another pair of jeans, like i need another pug.

seriously, this girl has an unhealthy love for jeans.  during my teen/college years i was fiercely loyal to gap jeans.  particularly at one point the boot cut style.  the gap knew how to rock the boot cut stretch.  years ago though i started, ever so hesitantly, branching out of the gap store and expanding my denim horizons.  since then i've fallen for the seven for all mankind "A" pocket jean, citizens of humanity and the hollister skinny jean.  let me add that i am not plopping down those prices, i'm ebay all the way on the $200 brands. 

i'd love to hear your favorite brands/styles, particularly a cute skinny jean that you love.  that seems to be my go to this winter tucked into a riding boot.


Christi Lynn said...

I love jeans from buckle. It's bad because they are so expensive! So i usually go to buy sell trade stores and by designer jeans for cheap there. good luck! jean shopping is so difficult!

Anonymous said...

I love the Levi's Too Superlow Skinny jeans! I get the from Dillards (not the weird "Levi's" ones from Kohls) and they're around $30 a pair which is pretty reasonable for jeans.

Chelsea said...

jcrew matchstick is great. you can roll them up, strunch them, tuck them, LOVE them!

Payton said...

I don't like wearing pants, but mom says she has been getting Old Navy jeans lately. Don't last as long, but cheap!

Jen said...

LOVE J. Brand! You can find great deals at Off Saks for $80

angie said...

try wallflower jeans... they look like they cost over $100 but run around $50, but I have never paid more then $30 cuz I always find them on sale