Wednesday, December 21, 2011

hot chocolate bar

we hosted a little family get together last night.  it was super causal and we just got to hang out and play games and eat some bbq.  i ended up having a little hot chocolate bar set up for dessert and it was so easy and fun. not to mention yummy.  i'm lactose intolerant and i can't remember the last time i had a delicious warm cup of hot chocolate from starbucks.  so when i recently found a lactose free recipe i was thrilled and it totally makes up for the real deal. so, i've been making up for lost time with my hot mug of cocoa over the last few weeks ha!

for the cocoa bar, i had a little set up of some add ins for everyone to kind of make their own. 

i did plain marshmallows, dark chocolate dipped marshmallows, marshmallows dipped in dark chocolate then dipped in crushed oreos and some candy canes dipped in chocolate for stirring. 

seriously super easy to put together, so we will be doing this again for sure.

hot chocolate recipe can be found here.  if you're making it lactose free you can either use soy or almond milk. 


Ashley said...

Such a cute and great idea for the holidays!!

Maggie said...

oh my gosh such a fun idea! love this :) next time we host a Christmas/winter thing, totally stealing this idea