Thursday, December 22, 2011

leopard ornaments part 2

mama enjoyed my leopard print ornaments so much she showed up with some glass ornaments and threatened i wouldn't get any presents this Christmas if i didn't make her some too.

i kid.  although i was surprised she didn't drop the fact she was in labor with me for 36 hours.  i would have.

she politely asked and i told her absolutely, but had to break it to her they probably wouldn't be gracing her tree this year.  my fingers needed a mod podge break.

i've gotten some e-mails on what i used, so before i forget and with all the materials pretty much on sale i thought i'd kind of explain how i did them.  sorry there's not a picture tutorial...i'm just not coordinated enough to mod podge and work my camera at the same time.

i used this shiny leopard print wrapping paper from hobby lobby.  it was like $5 a roll and truthfully for the dozen i made i only used a yard or so.  then i peeled the white backing off so your left with just a thin foil.  then i cut the leopard foil in dime sized squares. 

i grabbed some craft glass ornaments in a variety of sizes (the large ones are actually the easiest to work with i thought) taking off the tops.  pour some mod podge in a container and add a little water so it's not so thick.  then i dipped the pieces in the mod podge and placed them overlapping a little on the ornament.  once i covered it and it had dried, i went back and brushed about 4 coats of mod podge over the ornament letting it dry after each coat.  on the last coat i sprinkled clear glitter over it and that's it!!


Rebecca Jo said...

that's pretty awesome if I do say so myself :)

Mariah krupovich said...

Hi! This is such cute paper, I was wondering did you buy this, online or is there a store or something I literally need this paper, I love cheetah print and always have and i plan on using this as a wall paper sorta but with a twist, i really want to change my room drastically for my sweet sixteen. Please please please help me!

Alexandra lancashire said...

How did you pull the paper apart? I am having trouble getting it to separate.