Thursday, December 15, 2011

christmas brain

how is Christmas only 10 days away y'all?  i feel this month has just flown by and with that this week i'm thinking i'm suffering from full on Christmas brain.

i'm self diagnosing here because my i feel like i have this never ending list of stuff that needs to get done and normally i don't go around leaving my back hatch on my suv wide open when it's sprinkling out (for who knows how long) or the best part driving down the road and exclaiming out loud "i forgot to but a bra on today".  this was after i had been to the grocery store and various other shops.  at that moment i'm just thankful the Lord didn't bless me in that area if you know what i mean.

i love the bustle of this season though, i'm just praying i get my ducks in a row for fear out of what else i might forget to wear that day.


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Hehee! My mom is running around with her head cut off too!