Monday, November 28, 2011

the one with the scary tv show

the other evening boy and i were catching up on our tivo'd shows.  first show on the list, the new show "american horror story".  now normally this type of show is far from my cup of tea, but when it first came out we recorded a few and then got hooked.  it's kind of like how "the hunger games" book series was for me....when someone would tell me about it i'd shove it aside because i don't like fantasy books, but then when i read it i couldn't put it down.  sorry that makes no sense, but kind of like that. 

so now i spend my wednesdays trying to figure out why they don't just pack up and leave that scary house and how does connie britton get her gorgeous red hair so perfectly wavy.

two mysteries in one show.

well the other night i was sitting in my chair and boy had the pugs with him on the sofa watching this show.  i was holding my breath because something scary in this scense was about to happen when i hear our front door trying to be open.

are you kidding me?

someone is trying to get into our home. 

during the one scary show (besides all things dateline) that we watch.

i turn to boy, who surprisingly didn't hear it, and the rational thing to do would have been to turn to him and say "turn off the tv, someone's trying to open the door".  instead i look at him eyes bulging from my head and flail my arms up and down.

i learned that day that i'm useless in frantic situations.

he pauses the tv trying to figure out what in the world i am doing when he hears it too. 

can i add our pug security was useless too as they snored away.

so, boy heads to the front door and sees a truck in our driveway and a man getting into it.  he flicks on the porch light and the man turns around and says "so sorry wrong house" and he watched him pull into the neighbor's drive way and explain to the neighbor what he just did.

so to the strange man in the truck thank you for making me near wet my pants and adding a little interactive feature to the horror show.

thankfully my heart rate just returned to normal.


Lauren said...

HAHAHA!!!!! I'm so sorry, had to laugh. And seriously, I couldn't even make it through the first episode of that show. No thank!!!! HAHA!!!!

Carrie said...

We are addicted to that show love it!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, I can just imagine your sleepy pugs snoring away while you mentally freak out. My parents' dogs would not have stood for that. If they hear anyone anywhere near the door they freak out and start barking. I'm glad it turned out to be a mistake!


Kitty+Coco said...

I'm loving that the pugs just snored and ignored. Ha! Way to be on top of it guys.