Friday, November 25, 2011

making a list

honestly, i don't think i've ever woken up early and gone shopping on black friday.

each year i do fear i might be missing out on some amazing deal.   but then that friday morning rolls around and i'm sound asleep drowning in my down duvet and i don't think it bothers me so much.

maybe one year i'll go.

thankfully, i managed to get about 90% of our Christmas shopping done already this year.  and i did score some great deals online in the last week with the pre black friday.  so just a few small things to pick up now.

boy and i got to talking the other day about childhood Christmas lists.  and although waking up Christmas morning to see what santa left is such a small part of the season we had fun remembering those lists and if there was ever a time when santa might have failed on a gift.

boy could never think of anything specific except the fact that without fail on Christmas eve he would think of something and ask to write a note to santa last minute just in case he had an extra in his bag (course it was a little late for santa ha)

one year i put on my list a baby brother ha (still an only child) and the big family joke is for years i put a barbie powerwheel on my list.  we crack jokes about this all the time and "santa" has never explained himself on that one, but does insist that it'll be the first gift for his future grandchild just to make me jealous.  i don't doubt that he will either :-)

so i have to ask did santa ever disappoint or maybe even pull a "Christmas Story" and have that special gift hidden?


Madison's Mommy said...

So funny! I used to always put "a baby brother" on my list too ha ha!

Payton said...

At first, I wasn't too into the whole Christmas morning experience because all of the wrapping paper really scared me, but now I rip open all the toys my mom and dad get me. Some are better than others, but I can't complain. Sometimes I even try to open them early...even the ones that aren't mine.

thechefroommate said...

I went black friday shopping one time when I was maybe 16. It was fun to do once but never again. I'd rather sleep.