Monday, September 19, 2011

strolling along

it's so surreal around here having two pugs now...twice the fun and definitely twice the snoring!!  pug's adjusting i think...he's got such a big personality and he definitely likes to make sure everyone knows whose in charge and he's not a fan of sharing either.  sweet landry is the complete opposite personality wise.  he's my people pleaser that comes when you call for him and stays when you tell him too.  boy and i were like "what... that actually works on dogs?".  landry's coat is looking so much better each day and i think he's trusting us more and more. 

thankfully we got some rain last week and have had some cooler evenings so the boys and i have been going on lots of walks.  pug spends the walk body bumping landry off the sidewalk and landry just lovingly puts up with his craziness :-)   love to hear from y'all on how your doggies adjusted when you added a new one to the mix.


Rebecca Jo said...

We have 4 dogs so we've always been adding in new dogs :) Its different on the way they adjust with the new dogs personality - if they're willing to be friendly. Our 3rd dog never cared for any of the other dogs except our lab. He has nothing to do with the other 2 & they to him. Its like people - they dont always get along, but for the most part, they eventually become insperable.

They always entertain each other & it makes us feel better leaving them at home knowing they have a "buddy" to keep them company.

I always say 3 is the best number for pets because if something happens to one of them, they wont grieve being alone - there's always the other "sibling"... so I'll always try to keep 3 animals at once if I can. They bring so much joy anyways!

Payton said...

Such adorable pictures! I'm glad pug is not too jealous! I think they'll become good friends soon. Wish I could help with the advice, but since I got sick (PDE), mom and dad thought it best to just stick with one pug...yep, I'm a handful! ;-)

Anna Elder said...

ahhh, congratulations on your adoption!! he sounds absolutely precious and the other pug sounds just like mine. he always has to be ahead of the pack and he's pretty pushy. we had our beagle first and he's also somewhat of an anti-social dog. he was not very happy when we got winston, our pug. it took awhile for him to adjust and he's 4 years older so i think that had a lot to do with it. he definitely acted out, but now he's the one looking for winston to go outside with him. and winston curls up on top of him and sleeps. it's cute. i love the way pugs cuddle with each other! hope the transition goes smoothly.

pugsx4 said...

We have been lucky so far, I find that most pugs get along eventually. We did have a little bit of a hard time with our fourth pug Beanie, she was a eight year old female that we fostered and she had been bounced around from home to home. We had three older male pugs at the time that were pretty mellow and she gave them some major attitude and they gave it back to her. Eventually they all settled in and were best bud's. She is our oldest pug now (14 on 11/01!)
And we have since introduced a few other dogs into the fold and Beanie has been fine in spite of her old age.

Carolyn said...

My pups took a little adjustment time when we first got Cooper too. But now they kiss. And cuddle. And wrestle. It's adorable. :)

rebecca said...

omg how cute are your pups!? so sweet.

Natalie | The Bobby Pin said...

I'm totally worried about every adding a second because Dahlia is such a princess. I don't know how she would react. I'm worried about ever having a baby because Dahlia pretty much believes that she's the only reason why we exist.

Sounds like the number two is perfectly happy to be number two. So maybe that works?

MyInnerCheerleader said...

so cute!