Thursday, September 15, 2011

bloggy book swap.a.roo

Hey y'all welcome to the Bloggy Book Swap.a.roo!  I'm thrilled you stopped by.  This came about when I thought instead of just sharing book recommendations, why not just swap books with my blog friends.  We get to save a few bucks and clear off some shelf space.  I did my best brainstorming and getting other's opinions on the best way to work this, so bare with me if we come across a few hiccups.  Also, if you have any suggestions along the way I'm all ears.  Please take a quick look at the guidelines and then browse about the linky's below.  Happy book swapping!!

1. You must have an active blog to participate.

2. Please write a post including the books you have for trade. 1 book or 20 books doesn't matter feel free to join in.  If you could include the author or even a picture of the book that'd be great.

3. Include in your post a few books you may be hoping to trade for and if you'd prefer people to comment or e-mail for a trade.

4. Link up to this post below using your blog name.

5. Browse through the linky's below and do some shopping.  Hopefully come across some new blog friends too!  Linky will be up until Tuesday.

6. Once you make a trade with a blogger, please make note on your post that the book has been traded.
7. Ship off your traded books right away.  I recommend requesting Media Mail at the post office.  It's very economical, especially for hardbacks.

8.  Sit by your mail box and wait anxiously for the mail man to bring you your new reads (i kid).

Thanks everyone...again have fun!

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The Bonjour Four said...

Fun!! Ill link up soon! Hope no one wants water for elephants. I've been wanting to read that