Saturday, September 24, 2011

say cheese

Well, good news folks, we successfully survived our family photo shoot this weekend.

And when I mean successfully, I mean that a few certain pugs didn't act all a fool, that the wardrobe issue was resolved, that my stressing out the day of didn't cause anyone to pull out their eyebrows (please tell me you've seen that "Raising Hope" episode), that boy didn't protest the idea for him to carry a gorgeous vintage chair down a rather dangerous rocky trail for the lighting, that the giant red zit on my face was easily cured thanks to a google search and some ice and lemon juice (go figure) and most importantly it cooled down enough so I didn't have to stick tissues up my arm pits. 

It's the small things folks.

These have been our first really formal pictures since our wedding six years ago.  And have I told y'all about how our wedding album has a huge gap of events missing from it because our photographer misinterpreted "feel free to grab a bite to eat" to "feel free to put your camera away and grab seat at the cousin's table"?  Yeah that was a fun surprise.

Although the pictures we did get turned out fine, I've just always really wanted to get some updated ones with the pug (now 2 pugs) and the hubby and have a really fun outdoor session.  I really wish I would have made the time before.

Can't wait to see them, because I know it's probably going to be another 6 years before I can convince the gang to do it again.


Payton said...

I bet those pictures will turn out just great...I mean how could they not with two pugs in them?!? I sure hope you will post a few of your favorites!

Christi Lynn said...

you'll have to post these pics! i'm sure they look amazing.

Whitney said...

Yay for success!