Thursday, August 5, 2010

the great debate

Boy and I have been car shopping.  I should include we've been car shopping FOREVER because we're lazy, tightwads and very indecisive so we'll probably continue to be car shopping two years from now.

The car models just come and go at this point.

We also can't agree on anything.  So far we agree SUV and going to last us a very freaking long time.   Where we clash is one only cares about fuel efficiency and compactness and the other wants it in black and to not feel claustrophobic when shutting the door.

Want to guess who's who on this debate?

This will become the new family vehicle hauling around groceries and certain pugs.  We're also hoping this will haul around some kiddos one day so we're keeping that in mind.  Down the line of course...don't get any ideas now.  So, I brought up the kids part during a car debate and how I want to have enough room to travel with a kid and pug in tow whether it be to the park or a visit to the lake.

His response.

"How much stuff could a kid possibly come with?"

(Insert sound of babe toting mama's everywhere gasping)

I know right.  I'm pretty sure hubs has never been around a baby EVER!  You're also welcome to drop off your kiddos (the fussier the better) and their gear and I'll rent a little vehicle and we can sit in the shade drinking sweet tea and time him to see how long it takes him to get it all in.  Pictures of gear loaded trunks also welcome :-)


agent99 said...

laughing so hard I can't really breathe.

sara said...

Freaking hysterical! My husband used to say the same thing - until we made our first road trip to see his family when our daughter was about a month old. He quickly understood.

flip flops on lex said...

Has boy ever seen a collapsed stroller? Or a carseat? Take him down the baby aisle at Target so you can say "I told you so!"

Page said...

oh, that's great! the carseat and stroller alone take up half our SUV! don't even get me started on the rest of B's gear! I will tell you that last year when we were car shopping the qualifications were very similar to y'alls...we had to be able to fit in two kids and two pugs (in their crates) and my #1 priority was that there were a/c vents in the back for the pugs since we live in freakin' hot Florida. We decided on a used Nissan Pathfinder and LOVE IT. We originally liked the Toyota 4runner alot but we did a few test drives with a friends and it didn't have nearly the trunk space the Pathfinder has when the third row seats are laid down. Plus there are vents for both the second and third row so when the pugs are in the back they get plenty of a/c.
Anyhow, best of luck!!

Heather said...

If I can give you any advice at all ... go to toys r us and purchase 3 car seats (i know crazy but trust me one day you will wish you had! even if you don't have 3 and they are just friends!) install them backwards facing and forward facing - 2 backward and 1 forward and every way in between. Make sure you have enough room to drive and so does boy!

We wound up having to purchase another car b/c our car that we had didn't fit two carseats without the driver/passenger eating the dash. It was ugly b/c it was a new car that we were trading in ... oh can you say upside down! We bought it before kids and didn't think about car seats.

And kids come with A LOT of stuff. you pack up everything AND the kitchen sink when you travel! :)

Lauren said...

Oh, girl.... your hubs just doesn't even know the half of it, haha!!! :)