Tuesday, August 3, 2010

a bond stronger than 650 thread count sheets

Have I ever told y'all about the time half a decade ago when I was in Target during a storm and the tornado sirens were going off?  Well since I was 1 of the 5 weather braving shoppers they corralled us back to the bedding section because everyone knows in case of a tornado those 650 thread count sheets and Rachel Ashwell duvets are going to come in mighty handy.

We all survived and continued on with our shopping although I'm not ashamed to admit that as I sat on that cold Target linoleum I told the Lord that if He needed to take me home right then and there I was super grateful it'd be at Target and not Wal-Mart.

So Target and I have a strong loyal bond after that stormy night and this past week that bond has grown even stronger especially after scoring these flip-flops super cheap.

I'm wishing I'd gotten some more now because I love them so.

And the grand hooray, a few months ago our Fieldcrest Matelasse duvet that I heart so very much got a rip in it.  Probably due to some fiber break downs since I'm a weekly duvet cover washer.  But I love this duvet so very much and after not being able to find it in the stores I sent a desperate plea for help to the magical Target fairies asking if they could locate one for me.  They kindly told me that it was discontinued and they could not locate one anywhere, but they'd send my e-mail to the design department.

I cried, searched ebay, tried out Pottery Barn's Matelasse, discovered it's not the same, cried some more, ate some dark chocolate.  I needed this duvet because it's equivalent to sleeping on a cloud and who doesn't want to sleep on a cloud.  So a few months have passed and I went back online and look what I found!!!

 It's back.  I'm so excited.  I headed to Target to get it, but it's not in stores yet so I'll just order it.

Target I could kiss you!


Mrs. Jenk said...

Thanks for stopping by my birdie blog- your blog is super cute! I love cheap sandals- nice find!

Lauren said...

I'm sure every Target lover will love this post!!! :) Wal-Mart has nothing over Target!!! AND YAY, glad Target pulled through for you!!! :)

sara said...

Ah, the magnetic pull of Target - in law school, I would drive past a Wal-Mart, Meijer, and K-Mart to get to Target!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Target! I walk in check out the clothing, the shoes, the books, movies and then usually I think to myself..oh yeah... what was I suppose to pick up? I've been in our local Wal-Mart twice. Both times by coincidence I caught the worse colds ever!