Sunday, July 25, 2010

a delivery

Do you want to guess what showed up at my door this week?

A bright red kayak! 

Boy's been wanting a kayak to have out at the lake.  I agreed because the upper arms could use a little toning and when he showed me a picture of it's red cuteness and the cup holder feature I was all game.  I'm an easy sell.

So he ordered it, and did you know that amazon's free shipping includes such items as kayaks?  Yes ma'am it does.  Your welcome for that bit of information.   So, Wednesday the door bell rang and a man and giant truck greet me.

"Gotta a boat to deliver".

"Um yeah a kayak."


Dude be a little more enthusiastic when you deliver your kayaks.  My hubs has been counting down the days until this thing showed up.

I thought it might show up in a box.  It did not.  And if I knew that I might not have picked a delivery time when all the neighborhood was here to witness our kayak delivery.  A little embarrassing trying to shove it through the front door.  Some people have front loads delivered we have kayaks.  Whatever.

But it made it.  And you can no longer enter the front door without tripping on a kayak, but that's okay cause once it's at the lake this girls gonna have some seriously toned arms.


Lauren said...

So fun!!!!! Love the red :) Just don't tip over, hahaha!!!!

Rebecca Jo said...

That picture with Pug sitting next to it is hilarious... it looks like he's thinking "What IS this? & why is it in here?"

BlueGrassandGreenTomatoes said...

How fun! Have a blast!!!

RJ @ A Life Designed said...

Every girl needs a kayak in her livingroom! I wonder if I can convince hubs to get me one with the magic 'free shipping' words?!

sara said...

How very fun! I've never actually been in a kayak - as big a clutz as I am, I would without a doubt fall out of it within seconds of getting on the water.

The Bonjour Family! said...

hehe aw i love your pug. We have a pug too-- his name is Einstein. Aren't they the best?! He is perfect except for the snoring! haha Very cute blog :)