Tuesday, July 20, 2010

hello my name isn't

I've got nothing.

I'm in a bloggy funk.  I get them every now and then where there's just nothing exciting to share.  The excitement of my day has been discovering I hit with my car a paint can and it spilled over and now displays a lovely reminder in the garage.  Oops.

In my ladies church group we used to do funny ice breakers and they were always so clever.  Sooo... bear with me cause I'm rolling on nothing...I thought it would be fun to do one on the blog.  I'm so grateful anyone even reads this thing and if you haven't commented before I'd love for you too now even if it's just to say hey or tell me I watch too much tv. 

So, the ice breaker is "hello, my name isn't ______" .  Tell me a name you wish you had, glad you don't have or a funny story involving a name.

I'll start...Hello, my name isn't Lynn.  I actually did a post on this forever ago, but to make a long story short for years we had this sweet elderly woman call our house and ask for Lynn.  Her name was Judith and she'd call sometimes once a day for a week straight looking for Lynn.  Bless her heart she kept hitting one wrong number so boy and I would politely tell her to try it again and make sure she hit the right one.  I haven't heard from her in months now and I'm a little sad not hearing from Miss Judith.

Also, my name isn't girl, it's Megan, but everyone calls me Meg in case you were wondering :-)


Allikaye's Mama said...

I'm glad my name isn't Erin. Because I seriously have 5 Erin's just in my phone contact list...and know many more! Is that how you play? And I remember that post long ago about Judith!! Funny!!

A well dezigned life. said...

Hello my name isn't Cassie....It's Casey like KC...not that hard. but people mess it up and it bugs me! And it's not Case either...Just Casey...
I hope Judith found Lynn. I really do.


Bridget said...

Hi Meg,
My name is Bridget and I enjoy reading your blog. Growing up I always wanted a more common name. I wanted pencils with my name on it. There was always a Brenda or a Brittney. I'm glad I'm a Bridget and I'm laughing at myself right now because I just thought that I DO have a pencil at work with my name on it! All the mechanical pencils are the same color.. and it's easy to walk away with pens and pencils without thinking about it. Guess I finally did get my special pencil. What a ninny I am. thanks for the post!

Aubs said...

hello, my name isn't Audrey ~ it's Aubrey with a b! but i pretty much just answer to audrey b/c it seems no matter how many times i tell some people my name they still mix it up and it just has become so not worth constantly correcting them! =)

total side note.....how 'bout big brother?!? who are your faves, not so faves???

flip flops on lex said...

Hello. My name isn't Dana Walker. I had a guy come up to me and hit on me at a bar asking me if I was Dana Walker. A year later, at the same bar, he hit on me again but didn't remember he hit on me the first time. I recognized him almost instantly.

And you know my name. ;)

Lauren Kelly said...

Hello, my name isn't Kelly..... ALOT of people, and I meant alot of people get my two names confused because they are both first names, and they call me Kelly Lauren, haha!! Actually, it happened at the doctor's office this morning, LOL!!!

kelley blake said...

Hello my name isn't Kelsey...nor is my named spelled Kelly, Kelli or Kellie. My name IS spelled Kelley. I'm not sure why, but when I introduce myself people always say, "Oh, it's nice to meet you Kelsey". Really? Or no matter how many times you tell someone you spell your name a certain way - they always spell it wrong. (the same two people ay work always spell my name wrong - even when my signature is at the bottom of all of my e-mails, haha)It's not that hard people. It's jsut not that hard!

a boy a girl and a pug said...

y'all are cracking me up...thanks for playing!

and aubrey oh bb this year...i miss jeff & jordan. i think despite her blinding hair color i'm rooting for brendan and rachel. well see though!

sara said...

Hello, my name isn't Alexandria. We named our little girl Alexandra - thinking it was a beautiful name and one day could be abbreviated (if she wishes) into a cute nickname like Ally or Alex. Unfortunately, over half the population seems to throw an I in toward the end and call her Alexandria instead.

Cute blog idea!