Wednesday, July 28, 2010

peachy keen cupcakes

i blame this recipe on my latest obsession with "cupcake wars" & "dc cupcakes".
they made me very hungry for cupcakes and i happened to have some peaches lying around that looked oh so delicious so i came up with this recipe. 
i just had to share.

* the topping on the cupcake is a dried peach from {think fruit}.  i'm addicted...they are amazing.  they come in single serving packages and they're only 140 calories.  it's like candy.  i buy mine from and i think they're still on sale right now.


kelley blake said...

I love peaches and I love cupcakes...this is the best of both worlds!

agent99 said...

if it tastes as good as it looks.....were in trouble!

Lauren said...

Oh my word!!! Looks DELISH!!! :)

Page said...

no! stop it! you're not helping my diet!!! ;) okay, could you mail me one...or a dozen??

Heather said...

I feel like I gain 10 pounds when you make a post about food! I love all the recipes you post!!!