Saturday, July 31, 2010

book shopping: young adult reads

I am just tickled that they have made a movie out of one of my favorite books growing up, "Ramona & Beezus".  I just loved to read growing up and I remember many summers with a Beverly Cleary book in my hand.  It got me thinking of some of my other favorite young adult reads.  Growing up in the 90's we may not have had hogwarts or vampires, but we did have some fun reads.

Just a few of my favorites...I'd love to hear yours too.

The Babysitter's Club- was it just me or did anyone else dream of having their own babysitters club?  I loved these books, so fun!

Roald Dahl- I had a teacher who was a huge Dahl fan, so by the end of the school year I think I had read them all...Jams and the Giant Peach, Matilda, got to love them.

Judy Blume- one word Fudge.  Hands down my favorite series of hers.

The Sierra Jensen Series- loved this Christian series.  I had a friend who loved this series too so we'd swap them around.

Little House- classic. I can't have a list without adding Little House to it.

American Girl Doll Series- hands down my favorite series growing up...this was way back when there was just a few dolls and no super cool stores to visit (so jealous of kids today).  Samantha was my favorite and I still have her loving packed away :-)

I should add, in case your wondering, Sweet Valley High didn't make my list because...wait for it...I never read it.  Can you believe it?  Don't know how, just never picked one up.


flip flops on lex said...

I can't believe you never read Sweet Valley High! I loved that series and Sweet Valley Twins. I also loved R.L. Stine's Fear Street series (but not Goosebumps).

Lauren said...

I LOVED LOVED LOVED Babysitter's Club!! I may or may not have attempted to start a club of my own, LOL!! And I was wondering why Sweet Valley didn't make it.... I read every book in that series too, HA!

BlueGrassandGreenTomatoes said...

Eep! I love my American Girl Samantha doll!!!

Page said...

Babysitter's Club!! Yes!! I didn't read the others but definitely read Sweet Valley were so deprived ;)

sara said...

We have so many of the same childhood favorites! Loved the Little House series and Babysitter's Club, but there was also Sweet Valley High!

Zhanetka said...

You never read Sweet Valley High??????????? How is that even possible? ;) That was my obsession back than. Did you know the author is writing another one? It's about them ten years later, living the adult life. And guess what, I cant wait to read it! Lol. I feel like I will connect since I attend my 10 year high school reunion recently.