Saturday, May 9, 2009

what mama and i talk about

It's Mother's Day tomorrow! I hope all you mamas out there have a wonderfully blessed day. You all deserve it!

So, the other day my mama and I were discussing the season finales coming up this week. We're not going to lie to you we love our primetime tv. We pretty much watch the same things except I haven't wheeled her into "The Office" or "30 Rock" yet, but she has a valid excuse since "CSI" and "Grey's Anatomy" conflict. The Tivo can only do so much you know. Oh, and she watches "NCIS" aka Nobody Cares It's Stupid...I wish I could claim those genius words but I read it in a magazine and now make sure to tell her that each time she discusses Mark Harmon.

Here's some of the finales I'm looking forward to:

1. "Celebrity Apprentice"- I know I know I'm embarrassed to admit I watch. Our cable network holds some series from networks that you can watch whenever so after mom had been discussing this I found it on the OnDemand at 2 am. Hooked ever since. Who do you think will win?

2. "Brothers & Sisters"- This is such a great show. I'm going to miss this one. But you know it's a great episode when the whole fam goes on a vaca.

3. "The Office"- I want Jim & Pam to get married. I was sort of hoping they would this season.

4. "Grey's Anatomy"- I took a hiatus from watching the Seattle Grace drama in October...the whole Dr. McDreamy/Grey dating thing drove me crazy. Come on 4 years folks! But I started watching again these last six weeks just in time for the wedding. P.S. I haven't watched that one yet so if the wedding didn't happen don't tell me. I like that it's moving somewhere, but I'm going to miss Izzie.

5. Oh and have I mentioned on Tuesdays I loose brain cells watching "The Real Housewives". I know...boy tells me I need help. I started watching with the OC one back a few years ago and got hooked, and then they followed in with the NY one and I thought I'd just watch one, and then comes along Atlanta oh and next week we have New Jersey which looks mighty interesting. Oh the drama. Cannot wait for the reunion special.

Well then mama and I started talking about what we are going to be watching for the next 4 months. We decided we're going to have to set up a support group because although we have a tendency to get sucked into ridiculous shows we're not going to get sucked into "Help Get Me Out of Here I'm a Celebrity". We have our reality standards. But we are looking forward to "Big Brother", "Wipeout" and "Army Wives".

So whew, forgive me for my tv ramblings. What finales are you excited to watch this week and what summer shows will you be watching?


Aubs said...

I'm so looking forward to the brothers & sisters (it IS such a good show!), biggest loser, and greys anatomy finales this week! And i'm looking forward to the dancing w/ the stars finale too!!

And summer tv....Army Wives, Big Brother, Bachelorette and the boys love wipeout so we will watch that one too!! Love that you watch sooo many of the same shows!!!

Rebecca Jo said...

I watched the Celebrity Apprentice for the first time last week... cant wait to see the finale now - I LOVE Joan Rivers!!!!

And I heard Izzie is going to pull through... dont see how - but I heard she'll be back next season... that wedding about killed me though... so touching!

Niki said...

I'm so looking forward to Grey's finale!! I hope Izzy pulls through! I really like her! Def looking forward to Big Brother and The Bachelorette!!

Heather said...

I'm very excited for Brothers & Sisters (though all this Ryan drama has caused many an eye roll for me.) Also Desperate Housewives & Greys and of course Lost.

Summer time is always so slow...I think I will watch the Bachelorette but definitly on TIVO so I can fast forward to the 30 minutes that actually matter! :) Are you going to do recaps??

Kodi said...

I love Army Wives! It's like a soap opera for me, but SO realistic. I love love love it!

Marie said...

I like Army Wives too. You mom and mine definitely don't share the TV watching genes. Its all PBS at the folks'. Though when I moved back home before moving here I got her slightly hooked on Grey's and she did watch Brothers and Sisters with me last time I visited.

Heather said...

I love grey's!! But the whole same sex relationship with Arizona and Callie is grossing me out! ENough already, that is why Hahn left!! UGH!!! I really wish they would let Izzie stay on, she said she would if they would have her!!
I am wondering if I am going to watch the new bachelorette with Jillian?? Hmmmmm........ I was so disappointed last season, but I liked her so it is a possibility!

Lauren Kelly said...

There's a support group for this TV addition you know, haha!!!! JK!!!!! There is some great TV on right now :) Hope your mom had a wonderful mother's day :)

Krystyna Lizabeth. said...

I am looking forward to american idol and house :)
love you blog ...go collect your award from mine!

MLG said...

I just found your blog and love it. You are so funny and fun! I'm glad I found you. Have a great day!