Monday, February 2, 2009

what episode is this?

Give me a minute while I pick my jaw up off the ground.

Okay, so no surprise I was a huge Stephanie fan and am a little shocked that she just got the boot (although a very sweet boot). I was going to make fun of her abominable snowman jacket and massive amounts of blush, but I feel that would ever so inappropriate. There was just no sparks between the too and I think I started seeing that two episodes ago. I'm so glad Jason didn't take any long to figure that out, but at the same time why did it take him so long? She was just the sweetest and left so eloquently. I hope she finds her Prince Charming very soon!

Correct me if I'm wrong, but can y'all think of a recent season where there were truly 5 great ones left? What a tough decision. This week was also a little uneventful without the drama and the nose-picking, but we did get the joy of hearing Jillian's Canadian accent come out in full force. Oh, and where is that DeAna? I was really hoping she'd pop out in the first couple episodes.

So, we are down to four chicas. Let's lay out the pros and cons and I must add that I'm not usually a fan of a pro and con list regarding relationships because we all learned from Ross in "Friends" that it will most likely get you in trouble. But since no one cares what we think on the matter I think we're good.
1. Jillian:
PROS- I like the Canadian accent, eh! I feel like she is probably the most mature out of the remaining bunch. She's sweet and gorgeous. She also seems really down to earth and easy going.
CONS- I still can't look at her without thinking of that ridiculous hot dog condiment analogy. I'm still not sure that she really wants this...just not getting that vibe.
2. Molly:
PROS- She is just so adorably sweet. I think Jason and her have great chemistry. He thinks she is the best kisser. She likes scarves. Funny. I'm running out of things here.
CONS- She looks so young to me, but love has no age limit I guess.
3. Naomi:
PROS- Sweet.
CONS- I honestly think she'll be the next to go. I don't get the vibe that she's ready for marriage yet, much less a kid. And did y'all see the preview for next week of her mom. Oh my! You have to be careful with those mother-in-laws.
4. Melissa:
PROS: She's just the cutest. She's from Dallas. Although she is young I think she is really ready for it. Easy going.
CONS: Her dress with Jason drove me NUTS! The snake thing freaked me out. Would not wear that to meet your maybe soon to be stepson even if he was asleep. But we saw in the preview that her parent's did not want to be apart of the taping so who knows that could really hurt her chances.

And there we go. Crazy that we're down to four already. Who do you think is going home next week (or shall I say staying home)?


Whitney said...

I'm right with you on all of this!!!! I hope Naomi is the next to go - she is not right for him!

Melissa said...

I say Naomi is gone next week!

Scrapper Mom said...

girl, i didn't really know what to blog just yet about this "uneventful" night, but I may just link to you bc it sounds like you've recapped my exact opinions. I was sad for Stephanie, but figured it would happen. I didn't see the two of them together either, and I was thinking something was weird about her on that, I know it was the BLUSH!! haha. I am hoping the final two standing are Molly and Melissa, but I agree with you on having 5 great girls left. I just haven't had one Favorite jump out at me yet.

Natalie | Make Today Great said...

I HATE how you always post these during the bachelor!!! grrrr, I'm going through google reader and then you've posted the spoilers!!!

Heather said...

I think it will come down to Jilian and Melissa and that Melissa will get the final Rose.

Stephaine left with such class!!!

And do you think DeAnna really comes back or was that just a tease?

Unknown said...

Hi Girl! I've never posted before but I've been a long time reader. You are just too funny!

I agree with you. I think Naomi is going home next. She is super cute but I don't think she is ready for his lifestyle.

Heather said...

You crack me up! I loved remembering Ross' list!!! "I do NOT have chubby ankles!!!"

Anonymous said...

Naomi's going her crazy dove-lovin' mama...

Unless jillian opens up, it isn't gonna happen.

I'm thinking Molly is a finalist and Melissa if he can get past the family thing.

Thanks for the weekly fix! Have a good one...

Erin Ward said...

I had the feeling that Stephanie wasn't going to be around much longer. She is so sweet, but I wasn't really feeling it between them. (and the vest. Oh my. The fuzzy vest!)

I think Naomi is going home next. I'm just not feeling it. I don't think her or Jillian is ready for the commitment.

Molly is nice, but Melissa is my fave. :)

TheFancyFritter said...

I saw your post yesterday but I didn't read it b/c I had to catch the episode online today so I wanted to come read it and comment! I love your posts about the Bachelor! I know! I loved Stephanie! She is just too sweet! Do I see the next Bachelorette?? We'll see....I'm with you on Naomi...She seems like she is scared. I love Melissa! :) Yeah..and where is DeAnna?

Lee said...

You know what?
I'm almost wanting to watch this show.
And I have no idea why.

I blame you.

Scrapper Mom said...

i so enjoyed this. i linked to you today instead of writing my own! lol.

(it was really good, and I am lazy..haha)

Lauren said...

Still bummed that I can't keep up with this show. Wish I could ;( Darn school, haha!!!

Aubs said...

Completely agree that Naomi will probably be the next to go! As it stands right now it seems to me that Melissa and Molly will be the final two but who knows...alot can change on the hometown dates! Melissa is definitely my fave but all of the girls are great this season! And isn't it kind of refreshing that the remaining girls are getting along so well this season??

Diana said...

I'm not gonna lie... I was happy to see Stephanie go. She lost me with her song last week... and the creepy kissing of the hands and forehead and what not.

And I agree.. Naomi is next to go.