Wednesday, January 28, 2009

for the love of paper towels

So every fall the great state of Texas has their BIG state fair. It's a huge deal around here as most schools get a day off to attend, there is a humongous cowboy named Tex as the mascot (shocking a cowboy) and more fried food than Ms. Deen could wrap her head around. Oh, the fun. For boy he has lots of great family memories at the fair, so each time it rolls around he gets very excited. I'll have Texan's spitting at me for saying this, but honestly I'll make it through the year if I miss the fair. That probably comes from the fact that I've only been saying y'all for 14 years now and needed some explanation about how one goes about deep frying an oreo.

It's an art.

But I respect the fair and love to share that with my husband. This past year the family had picked a day to head to the fair and this girl had a prior commitment. Oh no! I sent boy lovingly on his way though instructing him to eat a turkey leg for me (gag).

And so later that day boy returns full of fair fun revealing his official fair find as a gift to me.

Oh yes that would be a shamwow.

Did I mention that the fair also holds tons of booths filled with sales people and their junk galore?

Oh yes ma'am they do.

And did I mention that boy also cannot say no to sales folks?

Oh yes ma'am his heart of gold will not allow it.

But I must add that boy wasn't regretting this investment seeing as how and I quote him "you will never have to purchase paper towels again".

me: "No, that's dumb I'm not going to live off 2 shamwows. I love my Bounty. They make me feel clean and sane."

boy: "But the guy demonstrated how easily they mop up spills from the carpet. Paper towels can't do that"

me: "Yes, yes they can". Why do these smell like mildew?"

And so dear friends those shamwows sat waiting for the BIG spill and could do their thing. They waited 4 long months when boy spilled a Sprite on the carpet and as I rushed to grab a towel he quickly remembered the shamwows. I was hoping he forgot. And wouldn't you know as we watched waiting for it to suck up the spill, all the moisture in the air and leave that carpet as dry as can be...nada.

And then I heard those 3 magical words.

"You were right".

It was a good day.


Angela said...

Oh good. Now I can tell MY husband that they do not work. He has really been wanting one. He has been wanting to try a fried Twinkie too...hmmmm When does the Texas State Fair begin? ;)

Lee said...

Shamwow! You'll say wow everytime!

Or ow when you're smacking yourself for wasting money on it.

I wish we had more state fairs here. They're so much fun. I wish I could've tagged along with you.
Fair food! Woo!

Tam said...

then how on earth do they make them look so effective on tv?

dang them!

Aubs said...

That is good stuff!! I love it because i can totally relate! That sounds like a conversation that could very easily take place between us! Soooo funny! And i'm with you on the turkey leg...not for me!

Lauren Kelly said...

Too funny, hahaha :)

The Mrs. said...

I saw the guy in the mall at Christmas time and just like the shamWOW! guy in the commercial on TV, he had his fake mic attached to his ear (loser). Like you, I scoffed at the product because it cannot defeat my burly man bounty. I'm sad to report, however, that every other person in the mall was carrying around not one, but two of these creations as if to say they had a big mess to clean up back at the ranch. I wish them luck....bounty and I will be together forever.

Carrie said...

Too funny! I don't like fair very much either shh

Heather said...

Ah, those hubbies! They just never learn that we are right!!! This made me laugh!

Megan said...

LOL I think it's a right of passage, at the fair, to buy those dang shamwows!

Thanks for visiting! Glad you found me. =)

Ashley said...

I lived in Texas my entire life and I have never been to The Fair. Am I going to get my Native Texan Membership Card revoked?!

And I totally wanted to buy a Shamwow at the boat show a couple of weeks ago so now I am glad I didn't. :)