Monday, January 12, 2009

episode two

First off on the list did anyone catch Jason on Ellen Friday? If you didn't I found a youtube clip of it so go here. The underwear thing was a little weird, but I thought it was hilarious that she made him say the names of each girl trying to figure out who he picked! Then I happened to tivo today's episode of Ellen and watched it right before The Bachelor began tonight and Ellen brought up the fact of how Jason stumbles on his words when she asks if he picked DeAna. Who knows? I will be heartbroken if he does.

Jason, let's just hand Stephanie the ring now! I really hope they have a connection because she is just as sweet as can be. I just love her. Did y'all just not tear up when they showed a preview for next week's episode of her daughter running towards her? I'm going to have to remember the tissues.

Okay I'll get back on track with the recap. I wasn't loving how they did the dates, did y'all? They usually do more group dates than the individual this early on and it felt kind of unfair.

1st Date: Jillian- my mom thinks she looks like Amy Grant which cracks me up because she so does. Now I'll have "Lucky One" playing in my head every time I see her. I have to give it to the girl though, despite the fact that she brought up the hot dog thing again I really am liking her personality. She seems sweet and what a fun date they had.

2nd Date: Melissa- This must be The Bachelor Celebrity Look-a-Like edition because her eyes looked just like Mandy Moore's. Got to be honest she's not my least favorite, but not my favorite. Just seems like she may not be ready for this.

Group date: Natalie wears me out. Can't really see the two together. Molly that's so lame her showing him her "talent". Please! I was shocked to see her get the rose after that.

Now Raquel needs a post of her own. The waiting in the car freaked me out on it's own, but then in an interview she made a comment and I'm not even going to attempt to quote it because I would be so off, but it was the one about it being difficult for the man to remarry if she died. Crazy weird! For Jason's safety I was glad to see her leave.

Speaking of people going. I think we really could have seen more go. Not surprised to see Sharon go, but really the duo of Erica and Megan need to remove themselves and their drama from the house. Gotta love when the claws come out!

Am I missing anything? So spill.


Erin Ward said...

I watched both episodes of Ellen today. So funny about the name game!

I’m totally loving Stephanie. I can't wait til their date next week when the daughter comes. *tear*

Oh, and speaking of Celebrity Look-a-Like, I keep telling my mom that I think Nikki looks like Sandra Bullock. Yes? No? She's one of my faves right now.

And I agree. Molly = Lame. Come on!

I don't even know how to respond to Raquel's crazy "when I die, I hope my husband loves me so much that he will never remarry" statement.

Erica and Megan stress me out. Last week, I didn't think so highly of Megan (what with the crazy cussing and all) but I was proud of her tonight. She was completely right about Erica and she did a good job of holding her tongue and not looking stupid about it.

Instead of picking them off one by one, I feel like Jason just needs to pick a few of them and kick the rest to the curb. I can't stand watching him be with the immature girls. I can't wait until the annoying ones are gone.

Gosh, is there a limit to how much I can post on here? Sorry that my comment is longer than your post. haha!

Natalie | Make Today Great said...

Alrighty girls! I'm on board with you this time!!!

Molly's stunt -- I'm going with AWWWWESSOOMME!! She got the first kiss -- and the rose! So something you have to do.

remarry = umm, weird. Of course I don't like thinking of that with my own husband.

Soo -- I was noticing the lookalike thing too -- but I do not know their names yet, I need more rose ceremonies first!!

a boy a girl and a pug said...

erin- you crack me up girl. sandra bullock yes! i'm thinking stephanie looks like that girl from a league of their own (what is her name?) and yeah a gathering at the curb would work

natalie-yeah you're right on girl she did get that first rose!

Heather said...

Did you notice Melissa's fingernails. I know a weird thing to notice but if you saw last weeks ending where they previewed the color of the dress and he was down on one knee putting a ring on her finger ... well the fingernails looked a lot like the one he was proposing to? Haven't seen DeAnna's fingernails lately though but I've been paying attention to their fingers ever since that episode ... weird I know but I just wanna know.

Mrs. Nurse said...

I still cannot believe that he made out with all of those girls. I didn't think he would. But then again,I have never been in that situation. Mr. Nurse and his roomate commented about how they seemed to be throwing themselves at him. Not super classy by any means. I love Stephanie though. She is classy and so sweet!

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Alright, yes...I thought the same thing! Jillian DOES look like Amy Grant! And I love Stephanie!!!

TheFancyFritter said...

Hey there! I happened to come across your blog and I had to comment! I am loving the Bachelor this season too! I watched the Bachelorette and was so sad when Jason wasn't picked so I am clued to the TV to see who he picks! I can't believe DeAnna is coming back either! This is definitely going to be fun to watch!

My faves- Niki, Melissa, & Stephanie

Least faves- Shannon (a little weird to & Erika (too much of an instigator)

I can't wait to keep up with you posts about it! I'm off to watch the Ellen interview now!

have a great day and I hope to hear more posts! :)

Whitney said...

Ok, I think I love Stephanie and Jillian the best. I'm a fan of Molly as well. Erica needs a dress lesson - could she have come out of her dress ANY MORE????? OH MY WORD! And she is super rude. I think that Megan looks like Vicotry from Lipstick Jungle{Lindsey Price} and I like her, even though no one else does.
P to the S: I left you something on my blog!

Scrapper Mom said...

I can't believe you didn't say anything about Shannon??? Bucky teeth, ice throwing

Did you read my post? And I had no idea you were in this business. My mother just put up an etsy and makes handmade outfits, and baby items..(bags, burp clothes, etc.) She sells wholesale to several local boutiques. I am glad to know that about you.

Lynn and Matt said...

Okay, I have to get in on the fun! My favorite is definetly Stephanie, but she shouldn't pull her hair back so tight; it makes her eyes look wierd! (like a bad face lift) Jason is so cute and such a gentlemen--i'm suprised he is making out with so many girls, seems uncharacteristic. DeAnna needs to just go away. She had her chance. I like Melissa too, she's cute, but young.