Sunday, January 11, 2009

i am second

Happy Sunday friends! And I have to give my dad a shout out because it's his birthday today! We love you!

If you have not already checked out this new ministry called i am second please do. It's incredible to get hear the testimonies of so many people, athletes, musicians and actors putting Christ first. This site is going to do some amazing things. Boy and I have been going through and watching them all... This one of our's of Josh Hamilton who plays for the Texas Rangers.


Heather said...

our pastor played Brian Welch's today at the end of his sermon ... POWERFUL!!!

Natalie said...

Fascinating! I'm so sharing this on my blog. My Christian posts get no comments, but whatev, its what I believe.

Natalie said...

OK, so I shared it on my blog and just in case you saw it the first hour it was up there -- or you are subscribed -- there's a link to your blog, there was like within an hour. I blog at like midnight sometimes so I hit the publish button and go to bed. But it was always my intention to give you credit, promise!