Wednesday, August 6, 2008

keeping it on the down low

I'm going to be nosey and ask a question to y' friends/family know you blog?

The blogging thing to me a such a hoot because some people get it and some just don't. Honest to goodness most people do not know I blog. I think besides my husband it would be my parents & my sweet cousin...that's it. I don't not tell people to be mean it is just really a creative outlet for me. I love to write and share the funny happenings and probably deep down I fear that they won't get that this isn't just sharing your dirty laundry with's oh so much more. I can't even begin to tell you how fun it is to read what so many of you write and go "I've so been there" or "I'm so glad I'm not the only one". It's getting the honor to pray for each of you when you really need it and the grace of prayers when we need them too. It's truly one heck of a therapy session and I feel so grateful to have blogged with some amazing people that I'd love to sit down to lunch with and meet in real life...over some chips and queso of course.

Just as fun as it is, I think it can be a little scary too. It took me a couple months before I posted that my name was Megan, and not just girl. Blogging can be a little like jumping off a diving board for the first time. It's a little scary looking down and once you jump in there is no turning back. So, yeah I do keep it on the down low a little, but who knows maybe I'll brave up before 2009 and post a family picture.


Little Steps Of Faith said...

Megan(who I remember I finally was the one to got you to reveal you!)

Love the're so funny!

Umm...I tell EVERYONE that I blog now. And not EVERYONE loves that I do, but once I learned how to balance the personal life with the blog life, it wasn't so throw's themselves out there when you write a blog, anyone in the world has access to your heart.

But I am glad I know you Girl...I mean Megan LOL!!!!

Be Blessed:)


Heather said...

When we lived in another place and I started our blog I didn't tell any one but then we moved and so I put it on the bottom of my e-mail so people could keep up with us. At first my dad wasn't real happy with us posting pics of the boys and things like that but I never use our last name or the city we live in. Now my dad has his on blog and I think it's funny!

I love blogging. I've met people I would have never met and like you I love the ability to pray for others and ask them to pray for us! it's a community to me and I miss it when we are gone for a few days :)

Anonymous said...

I have told several people, including many family members. A few visit occasionally but I'd say my average Tweaker is someone I've never met.

It makes for some interesting blog posts. Since my blog lapses into memoir on occasion, and since some of my memories are not all that pleasant, I find myself writing and then not hitting publish right away. I let those posts simmer for a bit while I consider the ramifications.

For the most part, response from family has been positive. They know what I'm trying to do, so they tolerate things that are difficult in order to get to the good stuff, about the kids or work or school.

My blog has gotten me back into writing. That was why I started The Cheek and why I continue to post. As a result, I've "met" some very interesting and talented people, present company included of course. For that, I guess it's worth it.

Kristin @ Blue Skies said...

My family and some friends know that I blog. When I first started mine, I sent out an email with my blog address as a "way to keep in touch". I know I have a lot of lurking friends who never comment and that's ok with me.

There are some friends who really just don't get blogging. There are also some who say they love reading my blog, but when I encourage them to start their own they say they don't have anything to write about.

I've met so many people through blogging...I'm like you, I can't not blog :)

By the way, nice to meet you, Megan :)

mandy said...

megan, you know... i was JUST thinking about this - after meeting two "blog" friends this weekend... i was thinking about all of the posts we've collectively written since the weekend. and thinking about family/friends who read my blog, but don't really blog. and thinking: man, they probably don't get it and they probably i'm even more of a wierdo now!

for those that know & "get" blogging, i'll tell all about my weekend with the girls. for those that don't even know what blogging is, i won't share as much - if anything.

some get it. some don't. some know i blog, some don't. some lurk. some comment. i think it just depends on the person.

Aubs said...

I've actually told alot of people but mostly because being a military family it is an easy way for family and friends far away to keep up with what is going on! (and for me to not have to tell the same thing over and over and over.....)

Like you i've really grown to love blogging and although alot of times i feel like i don't write much that is interesting it is an outlet for me! And my favorite part by far is the getting to know others through the blogging world!

And i would love to share some chips and queso...we were floored when we moved here and went to a mexican resturaunt and they didn't have queso dip..WHAT?!? Very more reason we are soooo looking forward to our texas visit in december!

Anonymous said...

You're sweet too! Muah!


Anonymous said...

I think just about everyone knows I blog!
It kinda stinks because sometimes I want to write about something that is bothering me but can't because that person might be reading!
Can't wait till you finally post a picture!
Are you coming to the siesta fiesta??

Page said...

Yes, I know what you mean!! My hubby always HATED that anybody in the world could read our blog and always said I would give away TMI, but I had to or else it just wasn't me! So, we compromised with me going private, but I so want to make it public again! Anyhow, there are definitely times when I wish I had another blog where I didn't give any personal info so I could talk about people I know who read my blog....but, then I think I really do only want to remember the positive aspects of events, so maybe it's just as well. Most people get the blog thing and check it, but many do not.

Page said...

You know, I just read the last sentence I wrote and realized that didn't make any sense. What I mean is, the friends and family that check my blog get what my blog is about, but some people who I mention it to just stare at me and wonder what I mean by the word "blog". Surprisingly, the majority of the people who don't "get it" are my age, while my parents age are all about it!

Ashley said...

I tried to keep it on the down low but my Dad busted me the other day at lunch with the grandparents. Now my grandpa wants to read it. YIKES! I kind of liked it being my little secret. :)

Erin said...

mmmm mmmm. chips and queso.

my family knows that I blog, but I don't really talk about it to other people. Not that I want to keep it a secret, but most of my friends don't know.

ShortOne said...

i have definitley kept mine on the down low. my husband knows I blog, but hasn't read it yet (probabaly because I haven't invited him to just yet.) it's not that i have anything to hide from family & friends, but i needed something that was mine and an outlet for me w/out the prying eyes of family wondering has she lost it, i didn't know she felt that way, etc..... i will share it w/others at some point, but not just yet. i still need it to be mine for now.

i am so glad that i started blogging too. in the short time i have been blogging, i have met others I would love to share some queso & chips with! and i too love that "i'm so glad i'm not the only one" feeling! (much like i do w/this post!)

Natalie said...

Maybe I'm just vain?

I tell my family and friends -- I have it on facebook, so they are able to find it, and I have it on my email signature -- so people can pretty much just find me if they want (though I delete if it's for business correspondence or something.)

I think I agree with Heather -- we started it right after we moved to San Diego -- so it was mostly so we could keep in touch and now it's my outlet.

I don't tell anyone at work, that's just awkward.

Heather said...

Megan- I am so cracking up that this is YOU! (I just thought you had bought that gift for Kelly, I didn't know it was your business!!!) I love it! I have been reading through your blog and I totally related to this post- I don't tell really anyone around here about my blog- some people find out and that's fine....but I want to be real and honest and I just love writing as an outlet- and it's hard to do that if you imagine that every single person you know is reading and analyzing it.
I have been SO blessed by my blog friends- I totally think we should do lunch with some chips and queso sometime!
I put you on my blogroll, so I'll be back to see you often!
Thanks again!

Sockrma18 said...

Hi there! I started blogging in July and I am absolutely ADDICTED. we all know....admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery. :) Honestly, I love to write but have TERRIBLE handwritting so blogging was a perfect solution. It's therapeutic for me and like one of your other "posters" said, I can write and if others read it I don't have to repeat myself 50 times! Keep at it...I like your blog!