Monday, March 10, 2008

It's that time of year again

First off, a gazillion thanks to inworship for coming to my computer rescue and giving me the low down on firefox. I just did links in one click. The tears are flowing for a bloggy miracle.

I love the months of March & April for one particular reason. NCAA.

Shall I say more. Sort of shocking I know. I surprise myself. I've mentioned before that we are HUGE Kansas Jayhawk fans. The crimson and blue runs through my veins. By the age of two I learned that a Kansas State wildcat was a dirty word and we were never to wear purple under this roof.

Seven years ago we created a family NCAA bracket pool. It started out with just the three of us and we take it week by week to predict our wins. All strictly for fun. But let me back up and talk about my dad. He breathes, sleeps and lives ESPN and anything sports related. He is the college basketball guru. The odds were not in anyone's favor to compete with a man of his knowledge. And the first year he proved that with an impressive win.

But then the next year I won. And the year after that and after that. I now hold 5 consecutive wins.

When boy got into the game a few years ago he thought he could set me straight with his abundance in knowledge too. I'll admit I feared my winning streak was over. Nope.

It drives them crazy mainly because I know diddly squat about the world of college basketball outside the Big 12. It took me until well honestly, today to find out that Gonzaga was in the great state of Washington. And all these years I thought it was in Nevada...huh! The joke is that my picks come from my favorite colors and mascots. Not totally untrue. I really am liking the burnt orange this season in spring wear, so who knows.


Erin said...

5 years in a row?? I'm impressed! Good luck this year!

Anonymous said...

Go Big Red!!

Or maybe Black and Gold.

I don't know . . . when I graduate next year I'll have degrees from both Purdue (Philosophy) and IU (English/Writing), so I don't know who to pull for.

Are they both even represented?

I'm so out of touch . . . Ha!


Heather said...

Oh don't hate me but Basketball is the one sport I can't stand to watch. One of my hubby's favorite next to football. I do humor him and watch it a bit with him but oh I don't like it.

Congrats on 5 years and good luck this go round.

Kelly said...

I LOVE march madness. I loved it slightly more when AR used to be good in the 90's but I still love it. I love filling out my brackets!

Natalie said...

That is impressive! I won my husband and I's brackets last year by deciding which of the mascots would win if they fought each other. And until my husband got a letter for law school back from Gonzaga, I always thought it was in Virginia. Don't know why, it just seemed to fit there.

inWorship said...

Glad to see everything is working great!

Good luck on your bracket :)