Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Because I couldn't think of anything better to write about

I sat down to write something really profound and beautiful and then I was all like nah, let's make fun of myself in old school photos. So much more entertaining right? I snagged a few of these out of my mom's scrapbooks (sorry mom I put them back). Why do I have this gut wrenching feeling that I'm so going to regret this post?

Oh well, lets take a look at the first one shall we?

I like to call this piece "First Grade: Sandals Jamaica". Doesn't the large wicker chair scream "put me on the mantel"? Gotta love it. And then the outfit. Which by the way was not coordinated to go with the scenery, sadly that was just purchased and hung in the closet along side the overall collection. You just never know when you might need a hot pink and lime green sailing outfit do you?

Oh and lets breeze on down to the next portrait titled "Moving cattle with large bangs and braces".

Oh my stars. I do believe that this qualifies as a "Fierce Hot Mess". Thankfully the picture is only from the chest up and is eliminating the humility of the penny loafers that are strapped to my feet. Yes I do believe that you will not be seeing any of these items on any episode of Project Runway.

And I think I'll save myself the humiliation of the 80's Glamor Shot pictures. I do want to keep some dignity.


Heather said...

Girl ... Love your Tan! You are one brave chica to post school pics. I HATE my school pics ... hope they get burned somehow :)

Erin said...

Don't you just love old school pictures?? Thanks for the entertainment. :)

Natalie said...

::: raising hand ::: Hi my name is Natalie and I too was a glamour shot victim. I haven't used hairspray since.

Page said...

I had Glamour Shots too! LOL! Those pics crack me up and bring me back in the day...I, too, had braces but also had the teased bangs and shoulder pads. I blame my mother for LETTING ME DRESS MYSELF! What was she thinking??

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Hilarious! I think we all had the penny loafers!

Kelly said...

I think you look really cute!!!!!
I love old pictures!

Tam said...

I just wanted to apologize for laughing.