Friday, March 7, 2008

That technology gets me every time

Oh no I gone and done it.

I do believe I heard your gasps threw the big wide web as you read my grammar post. Let me save myself here and first say I LOVE my mac. Its been oh so good to me and has been one of the best investments we made. I was trying to say that I have never used blogger before on anything, but on the mac, so I was surprised to see features I do not have. So dear smart and intelligent friends that read the mac manual, what am I doing wrong?

Case in point...creating a post. I found that the PC gave me more options like linking, etc. in this stage of blogging. On my mac I do not have those buttons. Here's a fancy picture to show you what I'm talking about.

I'm sure there is some way that you can capture the image on the computer and make it look classy. I instead decided for a more ghetto approach and tilted my screen at just the right angle then took a picture, mind you after I wiped the cheeto crumbs and dog snot off the screen.

Now let me ask you this, do you have a button you can link things too or do you manually punch in the HTML code like me?

Any words of wisdom for my mac mystery?

And completely off the subject, because I'm so random, there is a great bloggy book club starting at the end of the month here . I had just been telling boy I'd love to get in on a book club when I came across the link on Boomama's site . The book is "The Excellent Wife" by Martha Peace. I know, I know boy is probably think but "Megan, you are an excellent wife already!" Haha. Beyond my bad joke, this looks like a powerful read and I'm thrilled for the way God is going to open up are hearts and minds as we discuss it from our computers of all things. That crazy technology.


inWorship said...

Hey the is Brent, Tam's hubby.

What browser are you using? are you using Safari? If so, Safari has a bunch of issue like Internet Explorer does for PC's.

I would recommend downloading and using Firefox. I think you will find it is more flexible for Blogger and most other things you will do on the Mac.

let me know if you are not using Safari, and I will try to trouble shoot this with you.

mandy said...

um. not a mac girl, so i'm clueless. but there are some blog-writer programs out there (ie: windows' live writer) that may make your blog posting a little easier with blogger/mac.... all my link buttons etc come with wordpress, so i don't really need a special program.

switch to wordpress & your problems will be solved, there's even a spellchecker!

Natalie said...

Hey -- I love that our blogs always seem to be connected by blogher. I gave you an award on my blog for your "fun-ness!"