Wednesday, February 13, 2008

silly little cheers & jeers

-cheers to Big Brother 9! I could do a dance it makes me so happy, yet it is throwing me off a bit that I am watching while celebrating Valentine's day.
-jeers to the wind that two weeks ago made my car door go flying out of my hand and bang the car next to me for which the little dint is so tiny you have to stand back 2 feet and at just the right angle you are able to see it. Without a doubt my fault, but someone please tell me why it took them a week to decide to holler at my insurance and then forget the date and how it happened.
-cheers to the writers strike ending and now we can anxiously await "The Office" to return.
-jeers to the fact that for some odd reason I have the worst time telling the difference between actresses Isla Fisher & Amy Adams. I thought they were the same.
-cheers to my mother-in-law that brought a box of red velvet cupcakes over.

-jeers to the fact that is it obvious from this post I watch too much tv.


Heather said...

Love the new pic!

We Tivo'd bb9 last night and I see it comes on tonight too. Guess we will be a night behind :) We'll have to chat after I catch up..

UM can you mail a cupcake my way :)

Kelly said...

I also watch WAY too much TV.
Those red velvet cupcakes look YUM! I was going to make some for my office today but was too busy watching TV. ha!

Suzi said...

Yum that cupcake is sp pretty...almost looks to pretty to eat!

Tam said...

I need that cupcake NOW!!!! I'm putting myself on a "I really need to eat less carbs diet"! And I started it today - What the??!!

Cute Card Queen said...

My husband totally makes the same mistake about those actresses!! But I just remember that the innocent princess in Enchanted is NOT the hoochie in Wedding Crashers! :)
Love the new header!!

The Ames Family said...

Oh girl... Cannot WAIT for some new "Office" episodes!!! I have been in major withdrawals. And those cupcakes look delish!! What a sweet mother-in-law you have!

Anonymous said...

A good daughter would save a cup cake for her dad.