Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Photo Meme

Erin tagged me for a photo meme. It's taken me a rather long time to get it together because it's really hard to choose just one favorite! Here's the rules.

Using the list of questions I have to use Google Images to answer to question. So here goes...I hope I answered them all.

1. A place you'd like to travel.

Bora Bora- just not quite sure how I'd get out of that hammock in the water.

2. Favorite Food.

Chips & Queso. It's a staple at our house.

3. Favorite Desert.

I love te Sorbet Fizzle from TCBY. It's sorbet with Sprite. It's purely divine.

4. My name.

I feel honored that Pottery Barn named their Megan chair after me. Okay no they didn't name it after me, but this is the Megan chair.

5. Favorite animal.

This is sort of a gimme isn't it?

6. Pet's name.

Well he's nickname is Dora the Puggy Explorer.

7. Favorite Singer.

Today...Christian singer Mat Kearney. This changes rather frequently.

8. Town you live in.

Around the Dallas area.

9. Current Job.

Small Business owner...so I look at this all day. Dream job: Assistant to the assistant to the regional manager. That would be fun!

10. Favorite Author.

This is a tough one cause y'all now I love to read. C.S. Lewis all time favorite though.

11. Favorite Color.

Okay I know it's more of shade. But I love black. It's classic it looks great on. I love it soo. Next up on the color list is sage and pink.

12. Bad habit.

wasting water...I'm sorry.

13. Favorite object.

My kitchenaid mixer. I felt my Bible was sort of a given so I got creative. I don't know if I could go without my mixer.

14. Favorite celebrity.

Kate Hudson

15. Favorite Song.

Sia's "Breathe Me" I am so loving this song right now. With this on my ipod I can run far. My second runner up is Journey's "Don't Stop Believin".

Anyone who wants to do this feel free...just let me know if you do.


Tam said...

That is so fun! What a creative meme. I would do this meme too, I just can't stand waiting for the pics to load. I'm so lazy that way =o maybe I can get Vinny to do it for me...Hmmmm...

Anonymous said...

Hey! What fun! Love Matt Kearney and C.S. Lewis! I enjoyed your post.

Anonymous said...

I love the Bora Bora pic! I want to go there! Cute meme!

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Yes, yes, and yes m'am! Some of your faves are mine!

CHIPS & QUESO date? Anytime!!!