Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Blogging Buddies

Sweet Heather at Life as We Know It ( and pregnant with #3 stop by and send her a little morning sickness prayer) gave me The Daily Dose Award. I'm so honored and taken a back that people stop by each day. Sort of makes me want to put on a fancy dress and give an acceptance speech. I'll save you the pain and instead pass it on. I had to really think about who to pass this on to because if you look at my blogroll each and every link leads you to an amazing women (& maybe a pug) who open up and share their hearts, their lives, and their faith. I could tell y'all that every day that I think the world of you all and so glad that we all got sucked into this blogging phenomenon somehow. Such a breathe a fresh air each day to stop by and read your blogs.
1. InProgress- She has a faith like Job and she makes me laugh and feel challenged in my spiritual walk each day. Somedays I stop by her blog sit speechless and have to come back a few hours later before I even comment.
2. Kelly's Corner- just as sweet as the come. I'd love to meet up with her one day and shop because she has impeccable taste!
3. The Flying Mum- This women is super mom whipping up homemade fried chicken and has the most adorable little girl that will melt your heart! After I first started blogging I happened upon her blog and when she posted about her new home and town I noticed those looked super familiar. I sent her a quick e-mail asking if we lived near each other and prayed she wouldn't think crazy. But I just love reading about her mommy adventures.
4. Fabry Family- another mommy of 3 to be and so sweet! I love reading about Suzi's mommy adventures too and she makes it look so easy! Y'all are some super mommies in my book.
5. Last but not least Pug Posse- 3 PUGS! This is such an adorable blog. If we didn't live so far away I'd love to do a pug date! All three of her four legged babies are too sweet for words and each time I stop by I consider getting pug #2!

I hate having to pick just 5!


Tam said...

Girl! Oh no you didn't! Gone and made my eyes leak! You're killing me. Thank you. I mean, really, thank you. That was so incredibly nice of you to say Girl!

I know how you feel about being so glad to have been sucked into this blogging thing. It truly has been one of the greatest finds in my life. I would be lost without a connection with all of you now. i can't imagine not having my blog friends in my life. Each bring something so incredible. I love it!

And Girl...You are the queen of funny...I can't tell you how many times my man and I have read your posts and laughed so always brighten my day...and I'm sure many, many others!

You're a blessing!

Be blessed - Love you!!

Kelly said...

Thank you - you are TOO sweet! I would love to shop with you as well!!! I love your blog so much too! And I don't even have any idea what you look like! :-)

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Oh thank you, friend! You are too sweet! And we really must do that dinner SOON!
love ya

Anonymous said...

Awww,thank you!!
I'm really not a sweet... J/K:)
I love your blog too!
I'll never forget the cake balls my favorite post so far:)