Sunday, January 20, 2008


My house is a disaster.

You know your house is bad when you can't find a spot to sit down because the laundry that you took out of the dryer a week ago is still sitting on the couch waiting to be folded.

I'm hoping a maid will stop appear at my front door.

But then again I'd be too embarrassed for a maid to see this.

I hate letting it get this bad, but I have my reasons.

"Lost" and Wii.

Yep that will do it. We got hooked on the "Lost" DVD's November of '06. For days we'd rush home from work plop on the sofa and get Lost (ha). You can still see the butt imprints in the couch. Then for 13 months we've waited patiently until the day that DVDs for season 3 will hit the blockbuster shelves. In 1 week we've managed to watch 6 discs with 4 episodes on each that's 24 episodes of 45 minutes a piece. So let's round that to 1 day. I know sad! But if you've ever watched it will suck you in to the point that you find yourself saying "Being deserted on an island would be so COOL!" Boy just left running out the door to get the last disc. Hurry back boy!

And then the newest member of our family, Wii. Boy's parents gave us for Christmas a gift certificate for a Wii. Boy finally found one. What a blast it is. I am so not the video game type of girl, but my competive nature is appearing.

We are struggling to balance our time wisely between Lost and Wii.

Now you know why my house looks like a tornado hit it.


Kelly said...

WE did that with the first season of lost. It was so much fun. I like watching it that way better because when you watch it week to week - you forget what happens. I told Scott we needed to watch season 3 again because 4 is about to start and I can't remember what happened in season 3. He found them on-line and we watched a couple the other night. I love LOST!!!

Anonymous said...

Wii want a Wii so bad:)
I don't blame you for the mess those wii are just too fun....and I don't know about lost because i've never seen it!

Erin said...

Oh yes, how the Wii sucketh the time away.