Thursday, September 6, 2007

Sometimes when we're feeling blue we put pug's old costumes on him for laughs.

Pug is a giraffe in case you couldn't tell.


Tam said...

Ok, this is gonna sound mean - but it really isn't. I totally love and respect animals...When my husband and i were first married we had 2 cats, Leonard and Cleo. Leonard had nervous gas...we'd be mortified anytime someone came to visit because the minute they'd knock on the door Leonard would run to it and get "nervous". Terrible! Anyways...we used to put my husbands socks on their heads and watch them try to get them off. I know! Horrible - but Leonard actually started the whole thing on his own going through the laundry basket one day. Oh, and double sided tape on their paws...I'm not a bad person...I swear!

Heather said...

How cute! Your dog is adorable! We have a yorkie who is 4 years old. Love dogs!

Little Steps Of Faith said...

Yea, we have a Harley Davidson leather jacket for my schnawzer don't know cute til u see that :)

Yours was though:)

Profbaugh said...

You know, Payton is not as cooperative costume wise as Pug! Seriously, we have all kinds of fun "clothes" for her. After all she was supposed to be a fru-fru dog.

My son's think clothes on a dog are just wrong. So whenever my daughter and I want to bug them, we slip something on Payton!

Anyway, I love Pug's costume. It made me smile.

Now, LSOF I want to see Augie in is HD jacket.


Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Oh my...I LOVE that giraffe costume on your pug!