Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Put away all white clothing day!

It's Labor Day. Uh, what a bummer. I hate to even admit this to y'all, but I better get real and admit that I hate fall. Sorry fall loving folks, but it's true. I'm just such a spring and summer girl that it's hard to walk into gap and see sweaters without shedding a tiny tear.

So I'm to go and follow the fashion rules and put away all white clothing for now. I'll weep a little over the next few days, but I will survive. But I will leave you all with this you tube clip. Boy and I recently watch "Thou Shall Laugh". Y'all we were rolling on the floor and even better it's super clean. Better be since they filmed it at a church, right?



Little Steps Of Faith said...

I don't like to wear white...too dangerous lol. So it wouldn't matter either way to me:-)

So you think the message was good?
It took A LOT to write, maybe more so because I really tried to focus on the what if? You know:)

Be Blessed:)


Shelly said...

Oh my word, this is hysterical!!!

And....amen! No white!