Saturday, September 8, 2007

Now for our intellectual post of the evening...

I found this article here that list's what Time Magazine views as the Top 100 Novels from 1923 till now. I was a little surprised that Ernest Hemingway's works did not make the list. I am proud to say that I have read some on the list (or even saw the movie). I'm curious though what would be on your Top 5 or even better Top 10 list?


Tam said...

Sorry girl, this isn't a book review from me.... Jimmy Choo Shoes - Holy $mokes$$$$$$ That is crazy! But I must say, IF I had the money and they were the most comfy things ever - I would totally get some! Have you ever tried them on?

And, I'm currently reading a book on Open Theism, Their God Is To Small by Bruce A. Ware. I spend lots of time over at Friendly Christian so I'm trying to edumacate (ha!) myself better on Theisms...Mind bending!

Kathleen Marie said...

Some I don't know about and others I have read but found them so disturbing by such as The Confessions of Nat Turner and Slaughterhouse-Five.

I also had to check the date - 1923 to present, which is why some of my all time favorites are not on the list.

Some of my favorites from the list are - To Kill a Mockingbird, Lord of the Rings, Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, The Grapes of Wrath, Gone With the Wind, The Sound and the Fury, The Sun Also Rises, Death Comes for the Archbishop, Animal Farm, All the King's Men and Light in August.

I have read quite a few of the others but I can't say they are favorites for various reasons. The first five listed are my five top picks. No 1 would probably be Lord of the Rings.

V said...

I just came to your site from the Faithlifts website, and already I love you! :0) Let's's my list. 1)The Bible 2)Wuthering Heights 3)To Kill a Mockingbird 4)Redeeming Love 5)Cold Mountain
6) A History of Love